Is that a Sears Hollywood in Hicksville?

One of the great things about being a Sears House Hunter is that you can take this hobby with you everywhere you go.  And I do, much to the chagrin of whomever I am riding with.  So last Tuesday on the way to see some glorious old cars at a museum in Auburn, Indiana, something exciting happened.

We took a wrong turn.

I know, I know, that doesn’t sound exciting. But as it turns out, just as we realized we were on the wrong road, I caught a glimpse of a bungalow that looked like one I had seen in Sears Modern Home Catalogs.


240 E High St., Hicksville, Ohio

Was it really a Sears Hollywood?

For a number of years the Sears Hollywood has been considered a rare model, meaning only a handful have been located.  Until recently, the only ones known were in Owaneco, St. Charles and Cairo, Illinois.  Then last year, a fourth Hollywood was spotted in Enid, Oklahoma.  Considering the number of Sears Kit Homes that were built (we think about 75,000), that’s a pretty small number for a model that was offered for at least seven years.  Less than one a year?  That seems odd.  Why would Sears continue to market such an unpopular plan?  More than likely, this well designed bungalow is hiding in small towns, or on County roads less traveled, where avid Sears House Hunters just haven’t looked.

And then, it seems, of the Sears Hollywood models mentioned above….well….. they aren’t exactly Sears Hollywoods.

Here’s the Hollywood from the 1921 catalog.



Here’s the catalog details about the model.



Hey, wait a minute.

What’s that other house pictured in the lower right corner?  Oh, that’s just the No. 2069.  It has the same floor plan as The Hollywood, but a different dormer.



The No 2069 was “Already Cut and Fitted” meaning the framing lumber was pre-cut at a Sears owned lumber mill, and came with detailed instructions on how all the pieces went together.  The Hollywood shown at the top of the catalog listing was not pre-cut.

After reviewing pictures and information about the four previously located Hollywood models, it seems they were actually the No. 2069 model.  No wonder Sears House Hunters have so much trouble spotting this one.  We’ve been looking for the wrong house!  For some unknown reason, the No. 2069 was selected frequently over the more elegant Hollywood by Sears customers.

So yes, the house I spotted really is a Sears Hollywood.  Sort of.  And it’s lovely.

From this angle you can see the complex window arrangement on the right side of the house.

DSCN7239 (2)

Here’s the fireplace side


A close up of the dormer that confirms this is a Sears No. 2069, the alternate plan for the Sears Hollywood


Notice those five piece eave brackets?  Those were featured on many Sears Modern Home models.  If you see them, there’s a good chance the house was purchased from Sears.

DSCN7239 (3)

This Sears No. 2069  was built in 1917. Like many early Sears Kit Homes, this one is so close to the Railroad tracks, the vibrations and noise would probably have kept the residents awake at night.

I am always interested in knowing what kind of people purchased their house from Sears Roebuck, so I try to find out a little bit about them.

The original owners were William C and Flonna Hess.  William was the proprietor at a local feed mill.  In 1920, they owned the house free and clear. William and Flonna had no children, and were still living in the house in 1940.

If you know of other Sears Houses in Hicksville, let me know!


8 comments on “Is that a Sears Hollywood in Hicksville?

  1. Finding a Sears Hollywood, er No. 2069, is always big news! Congrats!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I just love the way the side windows line up so nicely, all even at the top. And what is the siding on this lovely house? Is that cedar shingle? It looks unusual and it pairs so nicely with the white stucco. You have an amazing eye to have caught this! Proud to know you 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Yes, Judith, those are “best grade thick red cedar shingles” according to the catalog listing. I love the neutral color on this home. If you look at the house on Google Maps street view, it was dark burgundy previously. This one wasn’t so hard to spot, since it has those five piece eave brackets. You would have spotted it, too. 🙂


  4. My girlfriend’s house was built in 1917. It looks EXACTLY like this. The floor plan is virtually identical to the catalog plans. Changes were made at some point over the last 100 years, like the stairs were moved, a couple of walls opened, some closed off, and the kitchen was expanded out back but if I had to bet my life that it was a Sears Hollywood I would confidently double down on that bet. I can send pics if you’d like. The house is in Marion Ohio and has historical ties to the family of president Warren Harding.


  5. I have a home that is VERY similar to this. It is in Colman South Dakota


  6. I have what I believe is the L.A. Investment Company 560 version of this Sears house. The roof is a swooping curve and we have stepped brackets. We are in Providence, RI.


    • Amanda, The Hollywood was a pretty popular plan book design. We researchers keep finding more and more “look-a-likes” to this one. I’ll have to hunt up the one you mentioned and add it to my files. Thanks for commenting!


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