Is That a Train Load of Sears Houses in Middletown?

DSCN7410 (2)

A while back I was traveling through Middletown, Ohio with my daughter on the way to visit family in Cincinnati.  I had never really been to Middletown before.  It was only a word on the I-75 exit sign.  It’s an interesting town.  It seems to be built around old factories and railroad tracks.  Well, that is exactly the kind of town where Sears Kit Houses are sure to be found.  So we turned off the main road into what looked like a neighborhood from the right time period.  Sears Kit Houses were sold through mail order catalogs that were published between 1908 and 1940.

We drove down a couple of blocks, and sure enough, I spied a couple of models I recognized, A Whitehall and a Marina.

Screenshot (96)

Screenshot (97)

There were some other interesting looking homes on the very same block, so I took note of the street, and we moved on to another area of town.  We found some lovely Sears Homes in Middletown that day, all models I had seen before.  We didn’t have a lot of time to spare then, but after I got home, I used some of my favorite on line sources, Google Maps and the Auditor’s website, to check out some of the houses we had seen on that very first street.

And what a find those houses turned out to be for me!  A whole block (almost) of Sears Kit Houses, some of which I had never seen before except in catalogs, so I didn’t recognize them on sight.

And just this past weekend, I had a chance to go back to Middletown and photo document these homes.

Here’s a little tour down the block.

702 Fourteenth Ave R

A Sears Whitehall at 702 Fourteenth Ave

704 Fourteenth Ave L

A Sears Paloma at 704 Fourteenth Ave

Screenshot (91)

Screenshot (93)

706 Fourteenth Ave L

A Sears Langston at 706 Fourteenth Ave

Screenshot (85)

708 Fourteenth Ave L

A Sears Cranmore at 708 Fourteenth Ave

710 Fourteenth Ave L

Another Sears Whitehall at 710 Fourteenth Ave

Screenshot (95)

A Sears Letona at 712 Fourteenth Ave

A Sears Letona at 712 Fourteenth Ave

Screenshot (89)

A Sears Roseberry at 716 Fourteenth Ave

A Sears Roseberry at 716 Fourteenth Ave

Time to go down the other side of the street!

715 Fourteenth Ave R

Another Sears Langston at 715 Fourteenth Ave

Another Sears Roseberry at 711 Fourteenth Ave

Another Sears Roseberry at 711 Fourteenth Ave

A Sears Marina at 709 Fourteenth Ave

A Sears Marina at 709 Fourteenth Ave

A second Sears Letona at 703 Fourteenth Ave

A second Sears Letona at 703 Fourteenth Ave

There are also two Sears Glyndon models, one on each side of the street, but I wasn’t able to get photos because of family activities in the front yards. Both Glyndon models had a different dormer than what is pictured in the catalogs.

Screenshot (88)

There are other Sears Houses nearby in the same neighborhood.  I will feature some of those another time, as well as some lovely models in other parts of town.

I met some curious residents and homeowners while taking photos, and they were all wonderful people.  I will definitely go back to Middletown again, and I’ll bet I’ll find another Train Load of Sears Houses.

10 comments on “Is That a Train Load of Sears Houses in Middletown?

  1. That was a goldmine! Funny that the houses all look exactly like the catalog illustrations after 100 years. It’s like they were frozen in time.


  2. Hope that I am feeling better by the time you return. 😉


  3. What a thrill! The Letona and the Cranmore are my favorites of your finds in this group, and the Paloma, too, actually 🙂 Certainly never seen those before. It’s always a whole different thing to actually see a real version of the house — like, the Cranmore and the Letona– it looks like they opted for a taller second floor, or something, because, just looking at the catalog photo, you wouldn’t expect quite that much space between the porch roof and the bottom edge of the front gable. I love all of those brackets, too! Especially cool on the Letona with the green trim. Great job on the photos!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. It was a thrill when I finally figured out what the heck they all were! 🙂


  5. Cool houses. Every time I see a real Roseberry it makes me wish Standard Oil wouldn’t have customized the houses in Standard Addition so much.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. There is a house on 203 south highview middletown Ohio that my wife and I owned from 1980 thru 1985 it was built in 1919. The original owner last name was Lockmeyer. We bought it from the son that lived next door.he told us it was a sears home.


    • Darrell, I looked up the house on Highview on Google and the Auditor’s website. I don’t recognize it as a model in the Sears Modern Home catalog. It may be from another company that sold kit houses, though. It is pretty common that any house purchased mail order would be referred to as a “Sears House”. I’ll do a little checking when I have a chance and see if I find a match. Thanks for the lead!!!


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