Aladdin Shadow Lawn in St. Marys

“Massive Sears home on corner lot priced to sell quickly.” 

That’s what my researcher friend, Andrew Mutch, saw on a real estate listing for a home in St. Marys.  He sent me the link so I could check it out.  (He already knew it wasn’t a Sears Home.)

“Sears Home” or “Sears House” is a common term used to describe a house whose plans and building materials were purchased as a kit from a mail order catalog.  The majority of these types of homes were built in the 1920’s and 1930’s, though some were before, and some were after.  Since Sears Roebuck and Co. was the best known publisher of mail order catalogs, and sold houses by mail, people can relate to those words.

But there were other companies that sold house kits.  One of those companies was The Aladdin Co. of Bay City, Michigan.

And one of their more unique kit houses was The Shadow Lawn.

1917 catalog photo

The Aladdin Shadow Lawn from the 1917 Aladdin Homes catalog

I’ve known about The Shadow Lawn for a number of years.  I’ve seen a lot of them pictured on the internet, and spotted a house in my hometown that I thought might be one.  But it wasn’t quite right.  But as soon as I clicked on the link for the “massive Sears home”, I knew it surely must be a “real” Shadow Lawn.

Aladdin Shadow Lawn St Marys OH

Aladdin Shadow Lawn at 704 W High St., St Marys

The Shadow Lawn is a pretty large house, though I’m not sure “massive” would be the word I would use to describe it.

The Aladdin Co had some different words.

1917 description

1917 catalog (2)

OK.  Aladdin called it “expansive”.  I guess the realtor is off the hook.

1917 floor plan

Aladdin, and the other kit house companies, would sometimes supply an illustration of how they suggested you furnish the home.  I love this one.

1917 floor plan illustration

And sometimes they even used a real life photo of a room in a home that had already been built.  Or, maybe, it was just staged.  Who knows?  It was a catalog.  An advertising tool.  And we all know advertisers never misrepresent.  Right?

1917 Living Room

But, now, thanks to Andrew, and a realtor who used those words “Sears home” in the listing, I’ve seen my first real life Shadow Lawn.  At least……..I’m pretty sure it’s real.  Who knows?

No one was home when I stopped by on Sunday afternoon, but I got a good look, and some good pictures.  Hope you enjoy, and if you live in St Marys, tell the new owner!

Aladdin Shadow Lawn St Marys OH (3)

Aladdin Shadow Lawn St Marys OH (2)

3 comments on “Aladdin Shadow Lawn in St. Marys

  1. I have two of these that we should look at. They have some differences from each other, so I don’t know if either or both are Aladdin.
    Geeeze, I wish people would make their porch posts exactly like the catalog image!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I’m a Shadowlawn novice, but that looks really good!

    Liked by 1 person

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