The Most Popular Sears Model in Cincinnati

Sears offered 447 different models in their Modern Homes catalogs, according to information found on the Sears Archives website.  http://www.searsarchives.com/homes/index.htm

Currently, there are 495 Sears Houses in Cincinnati listed on the National Database of Sears Houses, comprising of 95 of those 447 Sears models.  But which one was the most popular? The Rodessa (No. 7041)

S Rodessa 3114 Mapleleaf Ave CCat Cincinnati OH

Sears Rodessa at 3114 Mapleleaf Ave. in Pleasant Ridge

Coming in at 616 square feet, it was the tiny house of the day.

1920 Image

1920 catalog image

 Sears had great things to say about it.

1920 description

Here’s the tiny house floor plan.

1920 floor plan 3

1920 floor plan

The Rodessa was offered from 1919 until 1932, with a few modifications.

In 1925, if you wanted a bit more space in those bedrooms, you could order the house (No. 3203) without a bathroom!

1925 floor plan

1925 floor plans

Just kidding about that.  The model without a bathroom was offered, most likely, for those wanting a hunting or vacation cottage, which would be built in an area with no modern services.   Note that if you purchased the house without the bathroom, the actual model NUMBER was different.  Even though Sears gave their homes cute little names after 1916, when you placed your order by mail, you would list the model number on the order blank, not the name.

Screenshot (319)

In 1930, Sears updated the look of The Rodessa, but the floor plan remained the same. This plan was offered until 1932.  It also was given a new model number, the No. 3317.    This change in model numbers from year to year, due to exterior changes or slight modifications in the floor plan, might account for the large number of models that the Sears Archives has listed.  We now know that the Rodessa was offered with three different model numbers.  One researcher has spent considerable time reviewing this and has come up with a much smaller number of models offered by Sears, about 370.

Here’s the updated Rodessa (No. 3317) from the 1932 catalog.

1932 catalog

So, how many Rodessa models are there in Cincinnati?  Thirty-four.  No, I don’t have pictures of all of them.  Yet.  But here are a few.  And after you see these, maybe, just maybe, you might spot one of the others while you are driving around town.  Look for the distinctive front porch with the three piece arch beneath the the standard gable, as that style is the one most commonly found.

S Rodessa 3123 Mapleleaf Ave CCat Cincinnati OH (2)

Distinctive front porch on a Sears Rodessa in Cincinnati

S Rodessa 6407 Savannah Ave R CCat Cincinnati OH

Sears Rodessa at 6407 Savannah Ave., North College Hill

4229 Matson Ave., Cincinnati (2)

One of the 6 Sears Rodessa models in Deer Park. This one is located at 4229 Matson Ave. (Photo from Google Maps)


Sears Rodessa at 3498 Meadow Ave. in Cheviot (Photo by Laraine Shape)

Happy Rodessa hunting!

7 comments on “The Most Popular Sears Model in Cincinnati

  1. I’m surprised to learn Rodessa is #1 most popular and not the Crescent. Those are some cute ones you have shown–many of the Rodessas in Chicago have not held up as well over 90 years.


  2. By the way, I like the new header on your website!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Lara, I was surprised, too. I was expecting The Vallonia, which came in at number 2, followed by The Starlight. But, since we are continuing to spot Sears Houses all over Cincinnati, those numbers could change along the way.


  4. Have you not found any of them from 1932 on.


  5. I would have guessed Starlight or Crescent, too, so Rodessa is a surprise. I love the front porch roof of this little model!

    Liked by 1 person

  6. What an adorable little house!!

    Liked by 1 person

  7. Dale, I’m pretty sure Andrew Mutch has one in Michigan. I haven’t located any from my mortgage research yet, and I doubt I would notice one otherwise.


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