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Heritage Point Dr. in Kettering

Tucked away on a quiet little street in Kettering are some of the most beautiful older homes in that area.  In my opinion, at least.  A peaceful, tree lined street, lovely landscaping, and varying styles of architecture, all in just a block or so on Heritage Point Dr.

I was on that street a year or so ago, while hunting up Sears Houses in Kettering.  That’s when I spotted a fabulous Osborn model, almost at the end of the street on the left.

Sears Osborn- Kettering OH

A Sears Osborn at 2003 Heritage Point Dr. in Kettering

image 1918

The Osborn was a very popular model in Ohio.  It’s a design with a lot of interesting features, so once you’ve seen it, you can easily recognize it again.  The one in Kettering, and several others I have seen around the area, have the Japanese flair to the roof line, which made Sears decide to market it as a bungalow “From the Golden West”.

Sears Osborn- side view

Side view of the Osborn showing the Japanese roof flair.

But this Sears Osborn isn’t the only kit house on Heritage Point Dr.  Well, I think it’s not the only one.  On a return trip to Kettering last week, I spotted another house I think might be a kit, and took a picture of one I noticed previously, but needed to research.

Here are the other two possibles, both from a company less well known than Sears Roebuck.  About the same time, Harris Bros. of Chicago was also publishing mail order catalogs of house plans and building materials, and they had some equally interesting styles.  One of their more popular models was the M-1000.  Yeah, no fancy names for Harris Bros.  Just model numbers.  Here’s the house I think might be a Harris Bros M-1000.

Harris Bros -1000- Kettering OH

Possible Harris Bros kit house – the M-1000 – at 2126 Heritage Point Dr. in Kettering

Click here to see the M-1000 catalog listing on one of my favorite websites for vintage house plans.

The house on Heritage Point has a lot of details that match the Harris Bros., but also a few that don’t.  It’s hard to see the front door, due to the lighting and color of the home, but it does match the one shown in the catalog.  I don’t think the front porch is rounded on the left side like it should be.  I actually forgot the M-1000 had that feature when I was there, so didn’t check to be certain.  It looks straight in my pictures, but there’s a lot of landscaping there.  The windows that I could see from the sidewalk appear to match up with the catalog floor plan.

There were plan books that had this very same style.  Plan books were also mail order catalogs, but you just got the blueprints.  Building materials would have been purchased from a local lumber company, usually.

Another reason I think the house above might be a kit from Harris Bros. is because of another home on Heritage Point Dr., across the street and a few houses down.


Possible Harris Bros J-16 at 2059 Heritage Point Dr. in Kettering

How’s that for a house!

Lots of Victorian influences in this one.  That unusual roof line on the tower room makes this one unique.  Here’s the Harris Bros No. 6a.  In later years, it was called the J-6.

Screenshot (388)

You might notice that the house on Heritage Point looks wider than the catalog.  It is!  Harris Bros. offered the same house, wider and longer.

Screenshot (389)

Since the wider model isn’t shown in the catalog, we don’t know if the second floor might have had an additional gable on the right side, like the one on the house shown.  At any rate, we can tell the house on Heritage Point is larger than the No. 6a.  Here’s the first floor plan and some catalog details.

Screenshot (390)

Since both these houses are so close to the Harris Bros. models, I am thinking they might be kit houses from that company.  There may be other Harris Bros houses on the street, too, that I just don’t recognize.  I’ll have to put the homes on this street on my list that need additional research.  (I’ve got a lot of those.)

If you are in the Kettering area, take a drive down Heritage Point Dr.  Or better yet, park and take a walk.  Crunch through the leaves on the sidewalk while they are still there, and enjoy the lovely homes.

One comment on “Heritage Point Dr. in Kettering

  1. Wonderful photos of these houses!


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