A Sears Ashmore in Columbus

A few weeks ago, a reader, Lynda, contacted me about what she hoped was a Sears Vallonia near her in Columbus.  She sent me the address and some other information, and after checking it out, she was right!

As an after thought, she then sent me a second email, with the address for another house near her, that she loved, and thought it also might be a Sears House, but she couldn’t identify it.

Lynda was right again!  And what a find!  Lynda had located a Sears Ashmore!


Sears Ashmore at 1536 Minnesota Ave., Columbus

The Ashmore was a splendid looking bungalow.  Sears pictured it in the catalogs, in dark colors, with a stone fireplace, giving the house an earthy look.  On top of that, it was shown from an angle, to show off the pergolas and porches.

Screenshot (578)

Any one would have a difficult time time identifying the house from the front sidewalk.  But once you go around to the side, it becomes very clear that the house is most probably an Ashmore.    (I say probably, because since I haven’t been inside, and haven’t seen any supporting records, the house is not a documented Sears House.  And….we now know that another kit house company had a competing model.  Click here to read about that)

Here’s that side view that mirrors the catalog image.  This Ashmore was built reversed from the catalog illustration.  Sears would offer that on many models at no extra charge.

DSCN8348 (2)

The Ashmore was a deep house, as you can see here in this view.  I think those porch railings are original to the house.


Side view of a Sears Ashmore at 1536 Minnesota Ave. in Columbus

Screenshot (579)

Floor plan and details from the 1922 Sears Modern Home catalog

The Ashmore had nice details on both sides of the house.

DSCN8351 (2)

My thanks to Lynda for contacting me, which led to the identification of this wonderful Sears Kit House.

This makes the third Ashmore that has been identified in Ohio.  One in each of our three biggest cities, Columbus, Cleveland, and Cincinnati.

Click here to read about the one in Cleveland

Click here to read about the one in Cincinnati




2 comments on “A Sears Ashmore in Columbus

  1. What a gorgeous house! I wish that I could get a better view of “my” Cleveland testimonial Ashmore’s chimney side — it’s a fabulous house, the Ashmore.
    Thanks Lynda, and Cindy!


  2. Lynda had a great find! Like you said, that catalog illustration is at such a weird angle. I wonder if it discouraged people from buying that model.


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