A Mystery Sears House in West Price Hill (Cincinnati)

Mystery House.  Any ideas?

That’s what I asked my researcher friends in our little Sears group on Facebook, after tracking down the address for a house with a 1930 mortgage from Sears Roebuck.

And I posted this photo.

S Parkridge 1283 McKeone Ave Cinc OH (Google)

1285 McKeone Ave., Cincinnati (Image from Google maps)

Lara, who has the Sears Homes of Chicagoland website spoke up immediately.

That’s a Parkridge!

It’s a what, I thought?  A Parkridge?

Never heard of it!

So I grabbed my Houses by Mail and checked the index.  Hmmmmmm.  No Parkridge.

So, back to our little Sears Group I go, and by the time I did, another member, Dale, had posted a catalog image and told me The Parkridge wasn’t in Houses by Mail.  Well……that explains that!   (Dale has helped out Sears researchers by having a Pinterest Board with the houses that aren’t in the book.)

Houses by Mail is considered the “bible” of Sears House research.  It was published in 1986 by The National Trust for Historic Preservation, and contains catalog images of almost all the houses offered in the Sears Modern Homes catalogs.  But…..now researchers know that a few designs were missed when the book was published, and The Parkridge was one of them.  

Here’s the image, from the 1930 catalog, the only year The Parkridge was offered as an “Honor Bilt” kit.

1930 image

What a perfect match!  It’s an even better match to the photo I found on the Hamilton Co. Auditor’s website, from 2008.  Bless them, for having historical photos available for us.

S Parkridge 1285 McKeone Ave Cinc OH (Auditor)

2008 Historical photo of a Sears Parkridge at 1285 McKeone Ave. in Cincinnati (Photo from the Hamilton Co. Auditor website)

In 2008, the house still had the original 24 inch Royal Red Cedar Shingles supplied with the house kit.  Those shingles are mentioned in the details of the catalog listing. It appears the house has since been vinyl sided, but it still retains the look of the original design.

1930 floor plan

 Honor Bilt kits were the better line of Sears Homes offered in the catalogs.  The majority of Sears Homes sold were Honor Bilt.

Screenshot (874)

So now I’ve learned the Sears Parkridge model, and hopefully I won’t forget it.  Like I already did.  Apparently, researcher Andrew Mutch located a Sears Parkridge in Cincinnati earlier this month, also from a mortgage record, and posted it in our little Sears group.  Guess what I said when he added it?

 Never heard of it!

Here’s the other Sears Parkridge model, that Andrew located.  It’s in Sayler Park.

S Parkridge 6823 Jersey Ave Cinc OH (Auditor)

Sears Parkridge at 6823 Jersey Ave., Cincinnati (Image from the Hamilton Co. Auditor website)

Both these houses were financed through Sears Roebuck in 1930, and will be added to our growing list of authenticated Sears Homes in Cincinnati.

Do you know of a Sears House in Ohio?  If you do, I would love to hear from you.


3 comments on “A Mystery Sears House in West Price Hill (Cincinnati)

  1. So cool you found a house that was only offered for 1 year!!


  2. Cute house 🙂 And so much cuter with the cedar shingle siding. Onward to more Cincinnati house authenticating! Now, if I see one, and have to ask you (which I will), you will know what it is 🙂


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