Over the River – part 1 – Ft Mitchell, KY

A while back I did a blog post about how many houses Sears advertised they had sold in Cincinnati.  Over 3,000!

That’s a big number, even for a city the size of Cincinnati.  So….that makes us Sears House researchers scratch our heads and wonder…..what did Sears mean by “in Cincinnati”?

We’ve pretty much decided that Sears, at the time, had regional sales districts that encompassed a large geographical area.  Just like today.  And most likely, the Cincinnati region included the many small cities and villages over the river in Kentucky.

Because of that, when I do a real estate search, hunting for possible Sears Houses in Cincinnati, I will occasionally include some of those small cities across the river.  And happily, last week,  I spotted two possibles in Ft. Mitchell.  Now, I’ve been saying for years that I needed to get across the river on a day trip or two, so today, being Mother’s Day and all, Frank (husband) and I hopped in my car and headed south.

I’ve got to admit, I had no idea what to expect of Ft. Mitchell.  Most of my experience with that part of Kentucky is just getting to or from the Airport, or seeing whatever I can see from I-75 on the way to or from somewhere else.  But we were pleasantly surprised, as Ft. Mitchell is a lovely community.  The houses were well kept, the streets were clean, businesses looked to be thriving,  and the people we crossed paths with were happy and friendly.  So even though the afternoon was a bit gloomy from a steady drizzle of rain, we had a good day trip.

And I got loads of pictures of lovely Sears Houses.  At least I think they are all Sears Houses.  Not documented.  Any of them.  But I’ll share some of them anyway.  There’s actually too many of them for one post!  I got pictures of 16 houses, and spotted several more that I wasn’t able to get pictures of today, due to rain, no place to park in the rain, or vehicles being in the way.

The first three are on Greenbriar Ave.


Sears Americus at 5 Greenbriar Ave.

48 The Americus (2)


Sears Clyde at 23 Greenbriar Ave.

image 1925

DSCN8711 (2)

Sears Vallonia at 33 Greenbriar Ave.

1930 image

I spotted three more on Beechwood Rd.  I was able to get a real picture of one of them, but not the other two, as Beechwood is a two lane road with no  street parking, and since it was raining,  I didn’t want to hike a block or two.  No matter.  Google has pretty good views of the two I wasn’t able to get myself.  But the one I did get is the wonderful Martha Washington.


Sears Martha Washington at 40 Beechwood Rd.

Screenshot (1169)

Screenshot (1167)

Sears Conway at 26 Beechwood Rd. (Photo from Google Maps)  This model was also named The Uriel in some years.

image 1925

Screenshot (1168)

Sears Josephine at 288 Beechwood Rd. (Photo from Google Maps)

Screenshot (1130)

Two on Woodlawn.  Well, sort of.  One is from Sears and the other one was a big surprise!


Sears Hamilton at 34 Woodlawn Ave.

image 1925

Since Sears owned the Norwood Sash and Door Millwork plant in Cincinnati, they had strong sales throughout Southern Ohio and beyond.  And while I have located house kits from other companies along the way, they are pretty rare in the Cincinnati area.  So it was a big surprise when I spotted what appears to be one of the largest models available from The Aladdin Co., the Brentwood, in Ft. Mitchell.  And let me tell you, this house is huge!  Whoever would have thought it could have been purchased as a kit through a mail order catalog.  Of course, I could be wrong, as the entry is different, and the side porches don’t match the catalog perfectly.  But those details were often changed at order time.


An Aladdin Brentwood at 66 Woodlawn Ave.

Screenshot (1162)

Now since Ft. Mitchell might have one of largest models from the Aladdin Co., it makes sense it might have one of the largest models from Sears, too!  And it’s one of the two houses I spotted on a real estate website.  The Sears Glen Falls.  My favorite model!  My dream house.  At least, I think it might be a Glen Falls.  It’s had a couple of additions, nicely done, to keep the original design of the house intact, and the entire inside has been updated, so it’s hard to know for sure.  And standing on the sidewalk, it seems almost too big.  But……..a girl’s gotta have a dream.


Sears Glen Falls (maybe) at 201 Iris Rd.

image 1928

Now, if I could just win the lottery……..click here to see the real estate listing

I’ll share more Sears Houses in Ft. Mitchell in my next post.  Or maybe two posts.

Thanks for following along.



14 comments on “Over the River – part 1 – Ft Mitchell, KY

  1. 16 houses, in one little day trip? I would really love that. These are great! The interior of that possible Glen Falls is so beautiful, whether it’s a Sears model, or not.


    • Come to Ohio, Judith! That’s the way it is around here. After I spotted the two real estate listings, I spent an hour or so on Google Maps hunting around Ft. Mitchell, and had 12 possibles on my list when we started out. The rest I found when we got there. The ones in this post are all within a few blocks of each other, except for the possible Glen Falls.


  2. Lovely homes… Fort Mitchell looks like a nice place to live.


  3. Looks like you had a wonderful Mother’s Day!! You hit the jackpot in Ft Mitchell.


  4. Great finds! Come on over Pittsburgh , PA way. Our street has 3 all in a row…The Walton (my house), the DelRay right next door, and the Crescent right next door to that. I’m new to the I.D. game…What fun!


    • Yes, there are train loads of Sears Houses in Pittsburgh, too! There are a couple of researchers working that area right now, and they would love to know about your house and your neighbors. I will email you directly.


  5. Hi Cindy! My husband and I are looking for houses in Fort Mitchell as we speak! I started getting curious if there were any Sears Houses there and found your post. Perfect! I love the Martha Washington on Beechwood. Too bad the location isn’t so great. (Which happens with so many fantastic old houses!) I saw my first (known) Sears House during a horse-drawn carriage tour of downtown Fredericksburg, VA this past Christmas. The tour guide joked that the original owners built it themselves and that there “wasn’t a right angle to be found in the entire house.” Looking forward to your next post!


  6. Do you know of any Sears homes for sale currently in the Ft. Mitchell or other Northern Ky areas?


    • Teri, I did a quick search and it appears that the 2 Sears Houses for sale right now in Northern Kentucky are both under contract. One is a house featured in one of my blogs posts, a Sears Langston at 1113 Highland Ave in Fort Mitchell. The other is a Sears Marina at 54 Indiana Ave in Fort Thomas. I may have missed something though. Are you sure you don’t want to go across the river? There are several available right now in Cincinnati. 🙂


  7. There is a Sears home in Fort Mitchell at the end of Ashton Rd. on the right.


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