Over the River – part 2- Ft Mitchell, KY


My last post showed several Sears Houses I spotted while driving (Google and for real) in Ft. Mitchell, Kentucky, a lovely community just a few miles south of the Ohio River.  I promised to post the rest, and here they are, except for one, which I will feature separately.

As in my last post, none of these houses are documented as being actual kits from Sears, Roebuck.  These are homes that look close enough to the catalog illustrations, though, that they will be added to the Master List of Sears Houses in the United States, as undocumented homes.  For those of you that are wondering, the list now contains 4,372 addresses.

This group of homes are all within walking distance of each other, and I would have walked the blocks, except that it was raining lightly the day I was there.

I spotted five Sears Houses on Highland Ave.  Here are four of them.  The fifth is the house that will get a separate post.


Sears Roanoke at 121 Highland Ave., Ft. Mitchell, KY.

As with many Roanoke models, this one is missing the hood over the second floor windows.

image 1922


Sears Marina at 221 Highland Ave., Ft. Mitchell, KY.

This Marina is missing a few windows in the dormer, a common change when you vinyl side the exterior.

image (7024) 1920


Sears Vallonia at 317 Highland Ave., Ft. Mitchell, KY.

This Vallonia has the distinctive porch pillars that are found on many Sears designs. The porch railing is original, too. And, it’s lovely. The front lawn just glowed in the Spring rain.

1930 image


Sears Somers at 315 Highland Ave., Ft. Mitchell, KY.

That decorative piece on the front gable is original, and pretty rare to find on a Somers today.

image 1930

The next group of houses are all on streets that run off of Hillside Ave., or in close proximity.


Possible Sears Gladstone at 20 Idaho Ave., Ft. Mitchell, KY.

This may be a Sears Gladstone that has been slightly customized. It has a partially enclosed front porch, and a bump out on the side that was not shown in the catalogs. Or………it might not be one at all.

image 1925




Most likely a Sears Cornell at 4 Floral Ave., Ft. Mitchell, KY.

Most likely a Sears Cornell. It has a couple things that are off a bit, and after some discussion with my fellow researchers, we think it is one. The front porch roof appears to be flatter than what is shown in the catalog, which makes the change from shingle siding to wood framing seem wrong, but actually it is correct. Also, the chimney is on the outside of the house, not inside, which is a concern when matching to the catalog.

image 1925



Another Sears Marina.  This one is at 38 Ross Ave., Ft., Mitchell, KY.

The Marina could be purchased with either a gable dormer or a shed dormer, like the one above.

image (2024) 1918

After I got home, I was double checking the address of the Marina on Ross Ave., and noticed another house, also on Ross.  I am pretty sure it is a Sears Delmar, a rare model, as it was only offered in the 1924 catalog.  The Delmar looked a lot like the more common Wayne model, but the floor plan was different.

Screenshot (1165)

Possible Sears Delmar at 22 Ross Ave., Ft. Mitchell, KY. (Photo from Google maps)


Screenshot (1173)

It’s hard to see, but there is a chimney and side door in the proper place for this to be a Sears Delmar. (Photo from Google maps)


From the 1924 catalog. Image courtesy of Judith Chabot.

To see a comparison of the Sears Wayne and the Sears Delmar click here

I will surely need to get my very own photos of the possible Delmar next time I go to Ft. Mitchell.


Sears Willard at 4 Alpine Dr., Ft. Mitchell, KY.

This house above was for sale recently and has brand new exterior paint.  To see all the interior photos from the real estate listing, click here and scroll down a ways.  Catalog image of the Willard and it’s companion model, The Randolph, are also at that link.

There is also a Sears Lewiston at 2356 Dixie Highway, but I didn’t get a picture when I was there.  Another one for the next trip!

In my next post, I will feature the Sears Langston at 113 Highland Ave.

Thanks for following along.



7 comments on “Over the River – part 2- Ft Mitchell, KY

  1. Once this grand baby comes, I’ll be in the mood for a ride.


  2. You always have such great finds, and great photos. Thanks for posting these great houses!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. 10 beechwood road is one as well


    • Yes, Matt, it is! It’s an Amhurst model and a nice one at that. Parking is tricky on Beechwood so I didn’t stop the day I was there. I’ll make sure I get photos of it the next time I am in Fort Mitchell.


    • Hello- I live on Highland Ave and have always questioned is my home a Sears home. Is there a place to look at blueprints?
      Thank you for sharing. Two of the homes in this article are my neighbors.


      • Nicole, blueprints are pretty scarce, but you can see a lot of the floor plans on the internet and in books. Your library might have a copy of Houses by Mail if you don’t want to own your own. I will email you for more details about your house.


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