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A Sears Hamilton in Piqua

The Hamilton must have been one of the most popular models that Sears sold as a kit through their mail order catalogs, based on the number of them that have been located to date.  There are currently 94 listed on the National Database of Sears Homes, of which 29 are right here in Ohio.  Here’s the image of The Hamilton from the 1928 Modern Homes catalog.

1928 image

It’s a pretty distinctive little bungalow, with a clipped gable dormer on the front and a matching one in the dining room bump out on the side.

Today we were running an errand in near to us Piqua, and not being familiar with the area, I turned the wrong way to get on S Main St.  And ended up on E Main St.  Confusing!  Anyway, since we were already turned around, we decided to grab a quick lunch and headed toward the shopping area by the Interstate.  As we were getting ready to turn a corner onto Looney Rd ( yes, there is a road named Looney in Piqua), I spotted that familiar clipped gable on a house nearby.  So after lunch, we headed back that way, and sure enough, it appears to be a Sears Hamilton.

S Hamilton 1225 Garbry Rd R CCat Piqua OH

Probable Sears Hamilton at 1225 Garbry Rd in Piqua

This one is reversed from the catalog image.  Sears offered that option on many models with no additional charge. While the house has been sided, it retains the original windows that were shown with this design in the 1928 catalog.  This house was built in 1928, according to the Miami Co Auditor’s website.

Here’s the front view

S Hamilton 1225 Garbry Rd CCat Piqua OH

And the other side

S Hamilton 1225 Garbry L CCat Piqua OH

Here’s the floor plan and catalog details, also from the 1928 catalog.

floor plan 1925

This Hamilton model is the second Sears House in Piqua on the our National List.  The other is a documented Lewiston at 829 Covington.  (Note to self – check the National List before you leave town, so you can get pictures of houses.)

Screenshot (1252)

Sears Lewiston at 829 Covington, Piqua.  (Documented with a mortgage record.)  Photo from Miami Co Auditor website

Here’s the Lewiston image from the 1936 catalog.  The one in Piqua was built in 1935, according to their Auditor. The house above is also reversed from the catalog offering.

Screenshot (1253)

Not that we know there are Sears Houses in Piqua, the hunt will be on to locate more.  Bet we find them!







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