The Sears Houses of Pleasant Ridge (Cincinnati)

Oh Cincinnati, I haven’t forgotten you.  In fact, no serious Sears House researcher would ever forget about Cincinnati.  Why?  Because it’s the home to the most Sears Houses ever built.  That have been located so far, that is.

I’ve been on numerous day trips to Cincinnati to get pictures of some of the houses that have already been located, and every time, I spot a few more.

And as several researchers, including myself, are still diligently going through a bunch of old mortgage books on line looking for the houses that were financed through Sears, we are continuing to document some of the houses already found, and locate even more.  It’s never ending.

Just in the last couple of days, researcher friend Andrew Mutch located a couple of Sears Houses through those old mortgage records, on Woodmont Ave in Cincinnati.  When he posted them in our little tiny Facebook research group, he wondered what neighborhood Woodmont was in.  So…..right to the Hamilton Co Auditor’s website I go, and look it up.  It’s in Pleasant Ridge.

Well, on my very first day trip to Cincinnati several years ago, I met up with a fabulous lady named Donna Bakke, and she took me to several Cincinnati neighborhoods, Pleasant Ridge being one of them.  But we didn’t go down Woodmont, which is a “No Outlet” street.  Did Donna know about the Sears Houses on Woodmont?  We’ll never know for sure, as she has since passed away, and all her knowledge has been lost.  Sad.

But, I do have my great memories of that first Sears House hunting day trip to Cincinnati, and a whole bunch of pictures.  Yes, they are old pictures.  At least three years!  But they are new to this little blog, and I want to share them with anybody who happens to stumble across this site.  Houses we didn’t go past, or ones located after my trip are shown with Auditor of Google Map photos.

Here they are, in alphabetical order, mostly.

Screenshot (1039)

S Aurora 6416 Grand Vista Ave R CCat Cincinnati OH

The one and only Sears Aurora.   6416 Grand Vista Ave.  Documented with a mortgage record.  The open porch has been enclosed, and it has been added onto.

1928 image

6225 Fairhurst Cinc OH

Sears Homewood 6225 Fairhurst Ave. Photo from Hamilton Co. Auditor. Documented. Building permit lists Sears Roebuck, plans.

image 1925


A possible customized Sears Kilbourne.  The front porch and the dormer have been swapped from what is shown in the catalog.  This change would be possible as this model is basically a rectangle, and the porch and dormer are simply design elements.  Or maybe……they put the house together wrong.

S Kilbourne 5619 Lester Rd CCat Cincinnati OH

Possible Sears Kilbourne  5619 Lester Rd

image 1918


S Langston 3118 Auten Ave CCat Cincinnati OH

Sears Langston 3118 Auten Ave.  Not documented


image (2024) 1918


S Marina (2024) 3010 Mapleleaf Ave L CCat Cincinnati OH

Sears Marina 3010 Mapleleaf Ave.  Not documented.

There are two other Sears Marinas in Pleasant Ridge.  One is at 3137 Gloss Ave. but there are a lot of trees in the front yard, so views are not great.  The third is located at 3151 Auten Ave.

1918 image

5899 E Woodmont Cinc OH

Sears Norwood 5899 E Woodmont.  Photo from Hamilton Co Auditor.   This house is one of the new ones Andrew just located, but is not documented.

5901 E Woodmont Cinc OH

Sears Norwood 5901 E Woodmont.  Photo from Hamilton Co Auditor.   Andrew has documented this one with his mortgage record research.

image 1918

S Osborn 5623 Lester Rd CCat Cincinnati OH

Sears Osborn 5623 Lester Rd.  Some Osborn models seem to have been built without the swoopy peaks shown in the catalog.

image 1928

S Pittsburgh 6423 Lisbon Cinc PH Google

Sears Pittsburgh 6423 Lisbon Ave.  Photo from Google Map.   Documented with a mortgage record.


There are three Sears Puritans in Pleasant Ridge.

image 1925

5907 Woodmont Cinc OH

Sears Puritan 5907 Woodmont. Photo from Hamilton Co. Auditor. Andrew has documented this one with his mortgage research.

The other two Puritans in Pleasant Ridge are at 3265 and 3281 Beredith Pl.  Neither are documented.  Yet.

image 1922

S Roanoke 3147 Mapleleaf Ave R CCat Cincinnati OH

Sears Roanoke 3147 Mapleleaf Ave. Not documented. The hood over the second floor windows and the side porch have either been removed, or were never built there to begin.

There is another Roanoke at 5622 Lester Rd.

1920 Image

Cincinnati has loads of Rodessa models, but there is one in Pleasant Ridge that is my all time favorite.

S Rodessa 3123 Mapleleaf Ave CCat Cincinnati OH

Sears Rodessa  3114 Mapleleaf Ave.  Not documented but so close to original who would think it wasn’t from Sears?

There is a second Rodessa in Pleasant Ridge at 5553 Bosworth Place.

Another popular little Sears House was their Starlight model.

Screenshot (1083)

Pleasant Ridge has a nice one.

6320 Fairhurst Cinc OH

Sears Starlight 6320 Fairhurst Ave.  Documented with a mortgage record.  Photo from Hamilton Co Auditor.


There are two Vallonia models in Pleasant Ridge.

1930 image

S Vallonia 3149 Mapleleaf Ave CCat Cincinnati OH

Sears Vallonia   3149 Mapleleaf Ave.   Not documented.

3331 Orion Cinc OH

Sears Vallonia 3331 Orion Ave.  Photo from Hamilton Co Auditor.  Not documented.

Another great bungalow model from Sears was The Westly.

S Westly image 1925

3249 Woodford Pl Cinc OH

Sears Westly 3249 Woodford Place.  Photo from Hamilton Co. Auditor.  Not documented.

image 1925


Hard to see this one due to the landscaping.

S Whitehall 3119 Auten Ave R CCat Cincinnati OH

Sears Whitehall 3119 Auten Ave. Not documented but my friend Donna Bakke said it is one.

image 1922

Just located this Windsor model while I was reviewing the Pleasant Ridge houses for this blog post.  It’s right next door to a Rodessa that had already been identified.  And that’s how it goes in Cincinnati!  We find new ones every time we look around!    The roof line looks a little off, but the window arrangement and the exterior dimensions of the house match.  I will need to take a look at it in real life some day.

5551 Bosworth Pl Cinc OH

Possible Sears Windsor  5551 Bosworth Place.   Photo from Hamilton Co. Auditor.


image 1922

S Woodland 3123 Mapleleaf Ave R CCat Cincinnati OH

Sears Woodland 3123 Mapleleaf Ave. Not documented.

And last, but not least is this sweet little house.  The body of the home appears to be a Sears Delevan, but the front porch is more like the one on The Somerset.  Sears would make changes to models for a small fee.

Screenshot (1284)image 1922

S Delevan 3132 Mapleleaf L CCat Cincinnati OH

Sears Delevan with a different front porch. 3132 Mapleleaf Ave. Not documented.

There they are!  26 so far in Pleasant Ridge.  Bet we find more.


17 comments on “The Sears Houses of Pleasant Ridge (Cincinnati)

  1. Cindy, you must have been so happy to see all these Sears finds. They are lovely!


  2. Hi Cindy,
    I am trying to find out what model my home is. We purchased the home three years ago. I have seen similar homes but not quite look exactly like mine. Can you help me out? I will email you a photo! Thank you from Warren, Ohio


  3. I currently own the Rodessa home on 3114 mapleleaf I would love to send you a new picture if you like


  4. Did you start from scratch identifying these homes?


    • Sandy, no I did not. About 500 Sears Houses in the Cincinnati area were identified by Beatrice Lask back in the 1990’s. 20 of that 500 were in Pleasant Ridge. A few more were identified later by another Sears House lover, Donna Bakke. In the last couple of years, a few more were located by myself, and yet another Sears House researcher, Andrew Mutch. Currently there are 30 identified, and about half of those have been documented with mortgage records and newspaper notices. I’ve noticed Pleasant Ridge is now an up and coming area in Cincinnati. So nice to see that and I’m hoping that will mean good things for the Sears Houses in the neighborhood.


  5. I really enjoyed looking at this list of Sears homes! I never realized that there were so many different models! My Mom lived in a Sears home from the time after she was born in January of 1936 in Mt. Airy on North Bend Rd (which now is at the corners of North Bend & Ponderosa because Ponderosa wasn’t around during the time that my Mom, her parents & siblings lived there)! She lived there until she was in the 7th grade. Her parents rented the house & when their landlord decided to put it up for sale, my Mom was very upset about this & she used to tell us the following true story. When the realtor was there this one time she took the bathtub drain stopper & threw it as hard as she could down in back of their house into the woods & she also tried to kick the realtor because she loved living in this house & the area around their house was all meadows & woods which she loved!!


  6. Love this


  7. Mary, my family and I recently bought a house at 6264 Kincaid Rd and there are rumors of it being a Sears home. Do you have a recommendation of how to validate that? Thanks in advance!


    • Doug, I looked at the Real Estate listing with photos which is still up on Realtor.com. Your new home doesn’t match any known Sears models, but it’s a beauty! I would call it a Craftsman Bungalow, which some people mistakenly think means it came from Sears.


  8. Cindy, the Sears house features in your blog located at 3123 Mapleleaf Ave. is listed for sale. Thought you might want to take a peak at the pictures.


    • Thanks Yvette! I did have a look. Pretty nicely updated.


      • My wife and I are the “new” owners (since just before the pandemic) of this home. I’d been meaning to come back to this site to express thanks: the former owners didn’t know this was a Sears kit home, and we found out after we were under contract (but before closing) by landing on this page from a Google search on the address.

        The first floor has been kept pretty close to the original. The only change was converting the full bathroom to a combination half-bath/laundry room. The second floor is completely different–three beds, two full baths. The balcony was eliminated to create a small walk-in closet for one of the bedrooms. And we believe the original cast-iron tub was taken upstairs, and is in a jack-and-jill bathroom between the two guest bedrooms.

        Still no documentation for you: the basement has been completely painted, so there’s no hope of finding a label or stamp in the joists. One of these days I’ll swing by the courthouse and/or the auditor’s office to research the early history of the home.

        Anyhow…we’re delighted to be part of the Sears kit home legacy. Thanks so much for your work documenting these homes.


      • Thanks for your information! It’s so nice to find an interested homeowner.


  9. I grew up in Pleasant Ridge as a kid. Later bought a house on Woodmont Ave. I noticed back then in the 80’s all the different Sears home. No wonder Cincinnati has the most, Norwood Door and Sash was close by.


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