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A Wardway Northbrook in Columbus

I spent this past weekend traveling around my part of the world with two other Sears House Researchers.  Rebecca Hunter from Elgin, Illinois, and Andrew Mutch from Novi, Michigan, both made the drive to meet up with me to hunt for Sears Houses in Ohio.

Armed with our lists, a few reference books, snacks, and cold drinks, we spent hours in the car driving around Springfield, Dayton, Columbus and Delaware.  Rebecca and I even managed to squeeze in a bit of mortgage record research in Delaware, which netted us a few good finds.

And since I took loads of photos, I have enough houses to share for the rest of the year!  But…. that won’t keep me from going out and hunting up more.

I’ll keep this post short and to the point.

I had already done some document research for Franklin County, and was fortunate enough to track down the addresses for a couple of models from Montgomery Wards that I hadn’t seen before.  Well, that isn’t hard, since I’ve only actually seen a few Wardway Houses since I started this quest.

But those couple of houses were on our list to drive by, and one turned out to be lovely.  It’s a Wardway Northbrook model, only offered between 1929 and 1931, which, to my knowledge, was the last year Montgomery Ward published a kit house catalog.

House catalogs from the last few years Wardway was in the business are really hard to come by, and only a few researchers have access to them.  I’m not one of them, but Lauren from The Daily Bungalow came to my rescue by supplying the catalog image from her 1929 Wardway Homes catalog.  Thanks Lauren!

1929 image

The real life Wardway Northbrook in Columbus has a different front porch cover than what is shown in the catalog, and I think I like it better.  Here’s the house.

WW Northbrook 446 Blenheim L Columbus OH

Wardway Northbrook, 446 Blenheim Rd., Columbus

In the photo above, you can just make out the windows on the left side of the house.  They match the catalog image and floor plan illustration perfectly.

1929 details

The photo below shows the right side, and maybe that’s a Wardway garage, too!

WW Northbrook 446 Blenheim R Columbus OH

This home is documented as a house kit from Wardway through a deed record on file at the Franklin County Recorder’s Office.


One comment on “A Wardway Northbrook in Columbus

  1. Nothing like a real-life photo… so much better than the Google Maps street view shots we are often limited to. Nice find!


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