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A Sears Corona in Grandview Heights (Columbus)

In Jan of 2015, I got a few Pinterest recommendations.  One of those was a house in the Columbus area that was said to be a Sears Corona.

1918 image

Image of the Corona as shown in the 1918 Sears Modern Homes catalog.

Since I’m not in the habit of going to Columbus ( hate traffic, don’t know my way around), it wasn’t until Dec of 2015, while Christmas shopping with my daughter, that I finally got to see it myself.

I snapped some photos, and shared them with a few other Sears House researchers.  Since none of us had ever seen a Corona in real life, we just weren’t sure it really was one.

Time passed.

Then in late July, my Mentor, Rebecca Hunter of Elgin Illinois, and Andrew Mutch of Novi, Michigan,  came to Ohio to do some Sears Houses hunting.  We hopped in Andrew’s car, and headed off to the big city.  One of Ohio’s big cities, anyways, Columbus.  Andrew and I had already discussed that we needed to take Rebecca past the possible Corona, since she had located others.  Andrew had mapped some additional houses we wanted to review with her, and we planned a route around that.

We didn’t get started until mid-afternoon, and  scouted out several neighborhoods on our list.  We were planning on driving past the Corona on our way out of town, back to Springfield.   I knew the street it was on had a possible Sears Osborn and an Aladdin Marsden from my previous visit, and Andrew had a Marsden on his map, so I had no fear we would find it.

WRONG!  (Note to self- make sure you know the address of the house you want to take people past, before you go out of town.)

Apparently, there is more than one Aladdin Marsden in Columbus, and I didn’t have the street name of the one nearby the Corona.  So…….a little quick Google mapping on my part occurred, and I did finally find the street name.

By the time we got there, daylight was starting to fade, but we still were able to see everything we needed to see.  And……Rebecca says it is one!  Hooray!

And it’s a beauty.  The house is a reverse floor plan from the one illustrated in the Modern Homes catalog, so if you choose to compare, keep that in mind.

S Corona 1405 Wyandotte Rd Columbus OH 1

Sears Corona at 1405 Wyandotte Rd in the Grandview Heights area of Columbus. (Not documented)


The Corona is a huge house.  Almost 50 feet deep.  Many city lots in 1920’s neighborhoods are quite small, so this house wouldn’t fit just anywhere.

1918 first floor plan

There were 2 bedrooms on the main floor, but the second floor had 2 more, along with a sleeping porch.   The stairwell and sleeping porch are located in a large rear dormer, according to Rebecca.

1918 second floor plan

Here’s a nice view of the front.

S Corona 1405 Wyandotte Rd Columbus OH 3

The side view below shows how huge the house really is.  It looks like the original side porch by the kitchen has been expanded and enclosed, at construction time, or later, but done in keeping with the original style of the home.  The Corona was “Not Cut or Fitted”, meaning the lumber for the house was cut to size on site, and not in the Sears Lumber mill.  Rebecca mentioned that most of the early Sears models she has seen that were not “Cut and Fitted” had changes made to the plans at time of construction.


S Corona 1405 Wyandotte Rd Columbus OH 8

Lastly, Rebecca had us drive around the street behind the house, to make sure there was a rear dormer.  There is!  The original sleeping porch has also been enclosed.

S Corona 1405 Wyandotte Rd Columbus OH 9

Thanks to the the Historical Parcel Sheets available on the Franklin Co Recorder’s website, I was able to track down a bit of information on the original owner, Clyde S White.

parcel sheet cropped

Clyde Sinclair White and his wife, Kittorah, first appeared at the address in the 1917 City Directory.  Clyde S was a foreman for the railroad.

In the 1920 Census, the couple lived in the house along with their daughter, son-in-law, nephew, and Kittorah’s mother.  The address of the house in 1920 was 1225 Wyandotte Rd.

1920 census cropped

Thanks for following along!



One comment on “A Sears Corona in Grandview Heights (Columbus)

  1. This is a most satisfying house! I love the look of the Corona. What a find, and these are really great photos.


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