Joseph St. in Mt. Healthy (Cincinnati)

If you have been following this little blog, you might already know that the most complete inventory of Sears Houses in Cincinnati was done in the 1990’s by Beatrice Lask.

Since then, a handful of serious researchers have added to her list of about 500 homes, and have been able to document many of them through mortgage records.

We have added so many homes to her list, that every once in a while I like to go back and refresh my memory on specific neighborhoods and review her original finds.

Since I had the opportunity recently to grab a few photos of Sears Houses on Joseph St. in Mt Healthy, I decided to get out my hard copy of her thesis and see what Bea had noted.

Ha!  Three houses in Mt. Healthy.  None of them on Joseph St.


Then I had a look at our Master List and saw that we have 25 Sears Houses listed in Mt. Healthy, seven of them on Joseph St.  What’s up with that?  How could Bea have missed that many houses?  Well, she didn’t.  When Laraine Shape and I met her a few years back, one of the questions Laraine asked was why she didn’t survey a lot of the northern suburbs.  Bea just smiled slightly and said “Well, I had to stop somewhere”.

Another lover of Sears Houses, Donna Bakke, was the one who spotted quite a few models in Mt Healthy, and supplied a pretty good list of addresses, so others could drive by and check them out.  I mean, really, if you love Sears Houses and want to promote them, you’ve got to freely give out information on where they are, and what they are, or you aren’t helping anybody but yourself!

Anyways, here’s a few of my photos of the Sears Houses on Joseph St. in Mt. Healthy.


Sears Dundee – 7817 Joseph St.  This house had several rooms and a garage added on the left side in the 1950’s.



Sears Hampton – 7848 Joseph St


Right next door to the Sears Hampton is a Sears Starlight.  You can’t see it well from the street due to landscaping.  You can just make out the identifying feature, that clipped gable dormer, from the side.


Side by side Sears Houses at 7848 and 7844 Joseph St. A Hampton model on the left and a Starlight on the right.

Here’s the Auditor’s photo of the Starlight from 2008,  when the shrubbery was much smaller.


Auditor photo of a Sears Starlight at 7844 Joseph St.  As is seen quite often in Cincinnati, half of the front porch has been modified to make the Living Room larger.

Screenshot (1083)



Sears Josephine at 7853 Joseph St. This home is documented with a Mechanic’s Lien from Norwood Sash & Door, a millwork factory owned by Sears, Roebuck.



Screenshot (1130)



Sears Whitehall – 7821 Joseph St. This is also documented with a Norwood Sash & Door Mechanic’s Lien.

image 1925

This small group of Sears Houses are all pretty much in the same long block.  There are a couple more Sears Houses on Joseph St. a few blocks down.  I will share those in a future post.

One final note about the three houses that Bea Lask identified in Mt Healthy.  Two of them, the ones on Clovernook, aren’t actually in Mt Healthy.  They are in the neighboring suburb of North College Hill.

Thanks for following along.


2 comments on “Joseph St. in Mt. Healthy (Cincinnati)

  1. It is so helpful to research — ours, and future researchers — to give addresses. I agree completely.


  2. Bea knew her limits! Thanks for sharing that.


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