A Sears Preston in Glendale (Cincinnati)

I’ve just finished re-publishing blog posts written by my late friend, Laraine Shape, on a re-creation of  her website, Sears Houses in Cincinnati.  This makes me a bit sad, as whenever I was adding one of her blog posts to the site, it would bring back memories of all the fun we had on our days out and about hunting for Sears Houses, and I don’t want to forget those happy days.

A lot of the houses we drove past had been found by other researchers, but we still wanted to see them up close and personal, and get our own photos.  And we always, always, found  more on our trips out.

Usually I would get up early, and drive to Laraine’s house in Glendale, a little more than an hour from my home in Springfield.  Once there, we would scope out our list of houses for that day, grab a coffee to go, and head out.  Laraine would drive us around Cincinnati, thank goodness, and was a whiz at getting us to our destination neighborhood without too much difficulty.

One day, she wanted to do some driving around her own neighborhood, and show me some of the houses she had spotted recently.   Glendale has lovely, well kept homes all over, but only a handful of Sears Houses, so Laraine was always thrilled when she located a new one in her own backyard, so to speak.

Unfortunately, she missed a beauty!  I know how much she would have loved to have known about the impressive Sears Preston model, literally just a mile from where she lived!


Probable Sears Preston at 830 Hedgerow Lane, Glendale (Cincinnati)


The Sears Preston is shown in the catalog illustration with an inset arched front door centered between two sets of triple windows. The second floor windows are three sets of double windows, and there are double windows in the two dormers as well.   The house in Glendale has that same window arrangement, but it doesn’t have the correct front entrance.

The Preston is one of the larger Sears models.  Let’s have a look at the floor plan.



Here’s a view of the left side of the house in Glendale.  The windows all match up to the floor plan shown above, except for the small window in the “Breakfast Alcove”.  I’ll bet that area has been remodeled and is now part of an enlarged kitchen.



From this side angle you can see how deep the Preston is.

In the 1925 Modern Homes catalog, Sears showed the Preston from this same angle on a page featuring letters written by Contractors who had built homes.


And look at that!  The Preston shown in the above illustration doesn’t have the inset arched front entrance.  It has the same entrance as the house in Glendale.

Here’s the right side of the house in Glendale.  It’s had a side porch added, but the evenly spaced upstairs windows also match the catalog floor plan.



I’ve been fortunate enough to have seen two other Sears Preston models, one in Marion, Ohio, and one in South Bend, Indiana.

Here they are.


Sears Preston at 537 S Vine St., Marion


Sears Preston at 204 Peashway St., South Bend Indiana

6 comments on “A Sears Preston in Glendale (Cincinnati)

  1. Nice job on the re-publishing of Laraine’s excellent blog posts. Very cool that you found this Preston!


    • Thanks Judith on your comment about Laraine’s blog. I surely do miss that lady. Actually I didn’t locate The Preston in Glendale. In fact, I’m not really sure who did. All I know is that when I was planning a trip to that area a while back, I reviewed our list, and there it was! Somewhere along the way, one of us must have come across it in our research. Locating Sears Houses in Cincinnati has been such a wonderful group effort. I just checked and we currently have 859 addresses for the Cincinnati area on our list, and as you know, we add a few more every week.


  2. Wish we could get interior shots of those Prestons. It was an expensive Sears model and I bet they are impressive inside. You needed Laraine to talk her way in! Thanks for posting.


  3. I grew up in that house and definitely have other exterior and interior shots!


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