A Sears Conway in Springfield

You know, I hardly ever post about Sears Houses here in my hometown of Springfield, the place where my love of these homes started.  I really need to prioritize better.

But today, after getting a reminder about a house I noticed last year, I decided to show you this one.

People, I have driven past this house hundreds of times since I started hunting up houses purchased as kits from Sears, Roebuck, but never realized what it was.   But one day last July, I was a passenger and not the driver, and with a turn of my head, I spotted it!

Here’s what it looks like from the street.


This Auditor’s photo shows you what you see when driving down E High St at 50 MPH.

The photo above is what I always saw when passing by.  No wonder I never identified it!

See the “real house” behind the addition that was used as a business?  It’s a Sears Conway.

Sears Conway 1928 image

Image of The Conway from the 1928 Sears Modern Home catalog

Now is a good time to mention that this home is currently vacant and bank owned, so I was able to get close up (trespass) and see the house.

S Conway 3496 E High St Springfield OH

Sears Conway at 3496 E High St., Springfield


The house is a reverse floor plan from the catalog, I think, based on the location of the entry stairs on the left side of the house, and the short brick pillar on the outside edge of the stairs.  I always look for that short pillar if I see a house that looks like a Sears Conway, even though in some instances, that feature is gone.


Another feature to look for on the Sears Conway are the eave brackets.  They are pretty distinctive.


Screenshot (1432)

Even though the house on E High St has been vinyl sided, the original brackets were left exposed.  They could use a coat of paint.

S Conway 3496 E High St Springfield OH 5

I mentioned at the beginning of this post that I was reminded about this house today.  I just learned that the home was built by the Grandfather of somebody I know!  I hope to get more information about the original owners and maybe some vintage photos of the house sometime soon.

Here’s a few more photos I took while I was trespassing.

S Conway 3496 E High St Springfield OH 4

Distinctive front entry with windows on each side of the door

S Conway 3496 E High St Springfield OH 6

The storm door was locked so I couldn’t get a photo of the original front door, but it is there.

S Conway 3496 E High St Springfield OH 8

A glimpse of Stratford design hardware that was included with many Sears kit houses in the 1920’s.

S Conway 3496 E High St Springfield OH 3

There’s those eave brackets.  And my thumb.

S Conway 3496 E High St Springfield OH 7

S Conway 3496 E High St Springfield OH 2

More eave brackets.  Glad they were there, as that’s what I spotted on our drive by.

As I said earlier, this house is currently bank owned.  I am waiting for it to be listed for sale, and hope to get inside for further documentation, even though since I now have knowledge that it a Sears Home from a descendant of the original owner, I probably don’t need to see stamped lumber or mailing labels.

If you live in Springfield, turn your head when you drive down this part of E High St., and maybe you will spot the house, too.

Thanks for following along.


3 comments on “A Sears Conway in Springfield

  1. It will be good when you can get inside. Do you have any idea what the business was? That building really throws you off.


  2. Thanks for the tips on the details. Very cool about knowing the grandchild of the original owner 🙂


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