A Sears Lewiston in Delaware

I’m longing for Summer.  I’ll even take Spring right now.  After Mother Nature teased us with temperatures in the 60’s earlier this week, Winter has blown back in with lows tonight expected in the teens.

What to do to get through these last days of Winter?  Look through pictures of Sears Houses I took when the grass was green and the flowers were starting their Summer show.

And I came across this beauty.

Sears Lewiston 265 W Fountain Ave Delaware OH 1

Sears Lewiston at 265 W Fountain Ave., Delaware

It was a beautiful day in Ohio when I took these photos.  Here’s a few more showing the house from other angles.

Sears Lewiston 265 W Fountain Ave Delaware OH 4

Sears Lewiston 265 W Fountain Ave Delaware OH 3

Sears Lewiston 265 W Fountain Ave Delaware OH 5

The Sears Lewiston was offered in the Modern Homes catalogs from 1929 until the last catalog was published in 1940.

image 1930

The original owner of the Lewiston in Delaware was  Claude O’Neal, who obtained the financing for his home through Sears, Roebuck (Walker O Lewis, Trustee), making this a documented Sears kit house.

Claude, his wife Mabel, and their two children were listed as living in the home in the 1930 Census.

Claude was a Professor of Botany at Ohio Wesleyan University.

Screenshot (1435)

Claude O’Neal in the 1936 Ohio Wesleyan  yearbook “Le Bijou”

Screenshot (1434)

Fun info about Claude O’Neal from the 1936 Ohio Wesleyan yearbook “Le Bijou”


Screenshot (1449)

Claude and Mabel in later years.  That front porch looks familiar!  (Public photo found on Ancestry)

5 comments on “A Sears Lewiston in Delaware

  1. Growing up I’m sure I passed this house hundreds of times. I’ve shared your post to:


  2. I walked by this house everyday walking to school. I lived right down Fountian ave from it.


    • If you did, you walked by a couple of other Sears Houses, too! The houses on both sides of The Lewiston are from Sears as well. One is a Lexington model and the other was a customized home most likely designed by an architect from Sears Home construction. It was financed through Sears or I never would have known about it. Thanks for commenting!


  3. This is so lovely. I delivered papers to this house during my junior high and high school years. I always loved it back then and several other homes on Fountain.

    Thank you for your research.


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