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An Aladdin Plaza in Jeffersonville

It’s been a crazy busy Spring so I haven’t been blogging for a while.  We bought a fixer upper and fixed her up and moved in.  Well…..it’s not completely fixed up yet, but it’s getting there.  We had to move in before all the work we wanted to do was complete because we were fortunate enough to sell our previous residence super quick when we listed it for sale.

No, we didn’t move into a Sears House.  Been there.  Done that.  Time for something else.  We move every five years or so, and have ever since we got married 44 years ago today.

And, since it was our Anniversary, we decided to do something instead of unpacking or fixing up the parts of the house that aren’t fixed yet, so off we went for some personal shopping and lunch out.

One of our favorite places to shop is the Tanger Outlets just outside of Jeffersonville.  Across from the Outlet Mall is Werner’s Smokehouse, a great place for BBQ.   Off we went.

We almost always take the back roads when we travel locally, because, ya’ know, there just aren’t any Sears Houses on the Interstate.  There are a couple of ways to get to the Outlet Mall on the back roads from Springfield, and today’s route took us right through the small village of Jeffersonville.  Of course, we’ve driven that route many times before, and I’ve always looked at one house in particular on Main St on our way through, and say to Frank, “I really need to stop and get pictures of that house some day”.

Today was that day!

I had always thought the house closely resembled the Aladdin Plaza, but wasn’t quite right.  ( The Aladdin Co. of Bay City, Michigan sold houses as kits through mail order catalog, just like Sears, Roebuck. )

The Plaza 1917 catalog

I didn’t have my reprint Aladdin catalog with me when we stopped today, but no matter, Antique Home and my smart phone to the rescue, so I could analyze the details from the sidewalk before getting pictures.

After checking it out, I still wasn’t sure, so I started taking photos from all sides so I could review them when I got home.  As I was moving along the sidewalk, I noticed folks on a neighboring porch watching me.  I wave so as not to look too shady, and continue getting  my photos.

Uh-oh.  Here comes one of the folks.  Then she hollers “That’s my house!”

Yippee!  I love it when that happens.  Now I can really get some information.

After explaining what I was about, the owner tells me she had always thought her house was from Sears.  I explained about the alternate company (Aladdin) and that her house is pretty close to The Plaza from the outside. I grab my cell phone from the car so we can compare.  She checks it out, then invites me inside so we can be sure.

Yippee!  I love it when that happens.

We went room to room, and sure enough, her house matches the floor plan for the Aladdin Plaza exactly.  The reason is looks a bit different from the outside is because part of the wrap around front porch had been enclosed, maybe at time of build, from the looks of it.

The owner, Jona, knew her stuff about Sears Houses, too.  She even had a copy of the Houses by Mail Field Guide on an end table for reference.  She had picked out a Sears model that was similar to the Aladdin Plaza, but knew if wasn’t quite right for her home.

Now she knows!

Aladdin Plaza 47 S Main St CCat Jeffersonville OH

Aladdin Plaza, 47 S Main St., Jeffersonville OH

Aladdin Plaza 47 S Main St L CCat Jeffersonville OH

Aladdin Plaza, 47 S Main St.,Jeffersonville OH.

From the angle above you can see that the side portion of the wrap around front porch has been enclosed, which made positive identification difficult from the sidewalk.  An interior inspection, and the owner’s information, confirmed that this was an alteration from the original design.

The Plaza image 1917

Aladdin Plaza 47 S Main St R CCat Jeffersonville OH

Aladdin Plaza, 47 S Main St., Jeffersonville OH

My thanks to Jona for the quick tour of her lovely home.  It’s my first Aladdin Plaza identification.


One comment on “An Aladdin Plaza in Jeffersonville

  1. I’m happy to find and follow your blog. I find Sears catalog homes fascinating, but I am just beginning to learn about them! My brother lives in Fairborn (I am in Milford) so next time I visit I will have to look fo this!


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