A “Beautiful Home” from The Keith Corporation – Springfield

A couple of years back, I was asked if I could do a little research on a house in a neighborhood where there was going to be an Architectural Walking Tour..

By sheer luck, I was able to locate the home design in a pattern book from Walter J Keith.

page from the 1915 catalog

page from the 1915 catalog of Walter J Keith’s Practical Homes

Pattern book homes are often confused with the kit houses offered by Sears, Roebuck, because the plans were offered through mail order catalogs.  But pattern books stopped there.  Usually, you would get all your building materials from a local lumber yard, though, in theory, you could have ordered the materials from a mail order house like Sears as well.

In any case, the house here in Springfield, in our Ridgewood in the Country Club District is a great match to a house in the 1915 pattern book that was published in Minneapolis.

Walter J Keith Practical Homes 1915

This home design must have been pretty popular, because I saw it again, slightly updated, in the 1925 catalog from the same company.  Even the name of the catalog had been updated, from “Practical Homes” to “Beautiful Homes”.

Keith Corp Beautiful Homes 1925

The 1925 offering had a sun room added, but the interior layout was unchanged.


Keith Corp Beautiful Homes 1925 image

From the 1925 pattern book catalog – Keith Corporation – Beautiful Homes

The house in Springfield was built in 1923 or 1924, making the timing right for it to be from the Keith’s catalog, since we know the design was offered, for sure, between 1915 and 1925.   It doesn’t have the side porch though,  but that may be because of the narrow width of the lot.

Here it is!

124 N Kensington Pl Springfield OH (2)

Keith Corporation pattern book home at 124 N Kensington Place in Springfield OH

The home in Springfield was built by local contractor Thomas W McDonnell.  He purchased the lot from the developer in July of 1923.  Thomas and his wife Verna only lived in the home for two years, as it went to Sheriff Sale in July of 1926 to satisfy a debt of $2,720.46.

The successful bidder at the Sheriff Sale was Robert P Brassel, who bought the home for $9,595.00.

Thanks for following along!

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  1. That’s lovely. Way to track that model down!

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