A 123 and a 124 and a 3190B

I wanted to break out in song when I typed the title for this blog post.

“A 123…..and a 124…..and a 3190B ! ”

I wanted to break out in song the other night, too,  when I was reviewing houses on the Hamilton County Auditor’s website and spotted what sure looked like a Sears model No 123 on Avalon St in the Hartwell area of Cincinnati.

I’ve gotten pretty good at identifying the No 123, since I spent the first couple years of this crazy hobby of mine hunting for the one that was supposed to have been built here in my hometown of Springfield.  After driving around for hours…..days….weeks….years…. I finally stumbled across it on a day when I wasn’t looking for it!

image 1914

From the 1914 Sears Modern Homes catalog

Then, earlier this year, I spotted one just south of  Waterville   coming home from a Sears House hunting road trip.

There are only 7 of this model, total, on the Master List of Sears Houses in the United States, and three of them are the ones I located right here in Ohio.  Is that cool….or what?!?

Anyways, here’s the latest find.  I went and got my own photos today, so I didn’t have to use the Auditor’s pictures.   It is reversed from the catalog image, which is pretty interesting for these earlier models.  I didn’t see anything in the 1914 catalog about that being an option, but it was offered on most models in later years.

S No 123 206 Avalon L CCat Cincinnati OH 2

Sears No. 123 at 206 Avalon St., in the Hartwell area of Cincinnati

The home looks lovely sitting on a slight rise above street level, with lots of green grass and flowers blooming.  It was a great day to take pictures here in Ohio.

The next photo shows the house just a little bit closer up.

S No 123 206 Avalon L CCat Cincinnati OH

A Sears No 123 at 206 Avalon St in the Hartwell area of Cincinnati


A good Sears house researcher might notice the house just to the right……….I did, too,  when I was researching the other night, but the Auditor’s photo and Google maps street views weren’t too good because of the trees in the front yard.

But it was definitely a house that made me go…..Hmmmmmm.

Could it be?  A Sears No 124?  Right next door to a Sears No 123?

image 1914

From the 1914 Sears Modern Home catalog


Well……my photos didn’t turn out much better than what I could find on line, also because of the tree in the front yard, but I did the best I could, and believe me, the house IS a Sears No. 124.

S No 124 216 Avalon L CCat Cincinnati OH 2

Sears No 124 at 216 Avalon St in the Hartwell area of Cincinnati


Here’s a couple of photos of the details that are unique to this model.

S No 124 216 Avalon detail CCat Cincinnati OH

S No 124 216 Avalon Window CCat Cincinnati OH

The four sided bay window on the front of the house is missing the pane on the right diagonal for some reason, but it is there in the Auditor’s older historical photos of the home.   You can also see the diamond shaped decoration of the left side of the house in those older photos as well.

I would love to go back and get photos of this one after the leaves are off the trees.

When I shared these two finds with my Sears House research group the other night, Andrew, one of the best in the group, jokingly asked if there was a No. 125 next to the No. 124.  I had to tell him no, but…..there is a third Sears model next to these two.

It’s a 3190B!  Some of you may know it by its common name, the Sears Puritan.

Puritan image 1925

From the 1925 Sears Modern Home catalog


The Puritan was offered with and without the Sun Room.  The house next door to the No 124 doesn’t have one.  I’m glad because it made the little song in my head more melodious.  🙂

S Puritan 230 Oakmont L CCat Cincinnati OH

Sears Puritan at 230 Oakmont in the Hartwell area of Cincinnati


The three homes I showed above were all new additions to our Master List.  We had several others for Hartwell already on the list, and I got photos of most of those today, too, for my research files.  I will share some of them in a future post.

Thanks for following along.



8 comments on “A 123 and a 124 and a 3190B

  1. Great finds! I’m sure there’s a #125 somewhere out there!


  2. Well, those are the most fabulous finds of the year 🙂
    Sears House Seeker


  3. From 1972-2006 the Puritan was owned by a couple named Ralph and Grace Sears.


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