It’s getting closer…….in Dayton

You would think that with over 1600 Sears Roebuck kit homes already identified in Ohio, I wouldn’t have any trouble finding one to show here.

But when one of them tugs at your heart strings, it deserves a repeat blog post.

A while back, I stopped and took pictures of a nearly catalog perfect Sears Winona in Dayton.  By catalog perfect, I mean it still retained almost all it’s original Sears architectural details, not that it was in perfect condition.  Far from it.

Here’s the link to the older post.

Saying Goodbye to a Sears Winona in Dayton

So while I don’t get to Dayton as often as I should to hunt up houses, last week I was there and spotted a bit of progress on the fate of this Winona.  Not good progress, mind you.  More like progress towards it’s death by tear down.

And then today, another errand had me back in that same area.  Crazy.  No Dayton for months, then twice in two weeks.  That’s life.

But today, I had the time to stop and have a closer look at the house.


It’s not pretty.

Most of the windows have been removed now, so surely the home must be getting closer to demolition.  The good part is that I was able to take some pictures of the inside, since the house is now basically open to the world.

That’s also the bad part.


I’m not going to “talk” much about this house.  The photos say it all.  I think I will almost be glad when this Winona is gone…….I’m sure the neighbors will be.

Yeah.  I ignored this…….





I’m hoping somebody will at least save those doors and hardware!  I would love to have one!

85 The Winona

Thanks for following along, and sorry this post was so depressing.  😦




2 comments on “It’s getting closer…….in Dayton

  1. Oh, man, that really is depressing. Just terrible. I wonder if there is any chance that they will be salvaging parts, and not just sending it all to the landfill?


  2. That’s so sad.


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