10 Sears Clyde models (Dayton)

Do you ever wonder where Sears got the name for their house models?  I do!  Some, we know, are named after cities in Illinois, where Sears was based.  A lot of them, in fact.  And some are named after cities where the style of a particular model was popular, like “The Pittsburgh”, and “The Norwood”.

But what about “The Clyde”?  Why in the world did Sears use that name, for not only one model of house, but two?

Clyde 1918 catalog

Sears Clyde from the 1918 catalog (known as the No. 118 in earlier years)

42 The Clyde

The Clyde from the 1925 catalog

In some years, The Clyde was offered with two floor plans.

floor plan 1928

Floor plans available in 1928

But to me, an even more pressing question, why are there so many of this model (the later one) in Dayton, Ohio?

Well……I may never know the answer to my questions, but I can still share the Sears Clyde models that have been located, to date (Dec 1, 2017), here in this little blog.

Currently (see date above) there are 108 Sears Houses in Dayton, Ohio on the Master List my group of researchers is keeping for historical purposes.  Of those 108 in Dayton, 10 are Clyde models.  The later one, not the early one.  Almost 10 percent.

Huh.  Odd.  I guess the Sears Clyde was popular in Dayton.  And…..because I have way too many photos of Sears Houses in my files, (hundreds) and they are not organized, I mostly will be posting the Auditor’s photos.

Here they are

S Clyde 145 Samuel St L CCat Dayton OH

My own photo of the Sears Clyde at 145 Samuel St., Dayton OH ( documented) Testimonial house of H E Mackrodt ( see below) 

Happy Homes brochure Dayton

Page from the “Honor Bilt Make Happy Homes” brochure that was inside the 1927 Sears Modern Home catalog I purchased on Ebay a while back. I tracked The Clyde model built by H E MACKRODT to 145 Samuel St using  Montgomery County property abstract records.

S Clyde 264 Huron Dayton OH

My favorite Clyde in Dayton! I need to get there and get my own photos of this house before they change the house colors. LOVE!!! 264 Huron Ave., Dayton OH (Auditor photo)

S Clyde 348 Brooklyn Dayton OH

Sears Clyde at 348 Brooklyn Ave., Dayton OH (Auditor photo)

S Clyde 400 Verona Rd Dayton OH

Sears Clyde at 400 Verona Rd., Dayton OH (Auditor photo)

S Clyde 1404 Watervliet Dayton

Sears Clyde at 1404 Watervliet Ave., Dayton OH (Auditor photo)

S Clyde 1409 Arbor Dayton

Sears Clyde at 1409 Arbor Ave., Dayton OH

S Clyde 2805 Grace Dayton OH

Sears Clyde at 2805 Grace Ave., Dayton OH (Auditor photo)

S Clyde 3249 Ridge Dayton OH

Sears Clyde at 3249 Ridge Ave., Dayton OH (Auditor photo) This Clyde has an addition which looks original

S Clyde 3433 Wellington Dayton OH

My own photo of a Sears Clyde at 3433 Wellington Ave., Dayton OH. I took this photo in July of 2014. Since then the house has been rehabbed and has a new owner. Yay!

S Clyde 3439 Wellington Dayton OH

My own photo of a Sears Clyde at 3439 Wellington Ave., Dayton OH. This one also has an addition on one side. It’s also right next door to the Clyde I posted above.


If you want to own a Sears Clyde model in Ohio, Dayton might be the place to look!

Thanks for following along.



10 comments on “10 Sears Clyde models (Dayton)

  1. Not ONE has the porch enclosed?!


  2. Cindy, we recently purchased a home in Fort Wayne IN that was advertised as Sears Modern Home 123. It looks very similar to the add on the outside, but the floor plan is different, especially the position of the fireplace and the upstairs. Are you aware of alternate floorplans, or similar models? The house was built in 1911. You can see pictures here. https://www.realtor.com/realestateandhomes-detail/827-Kinnaird-Ave_Fort-Wayne_IN_46807_M33970-00540


    • Terry, I have spotted a couple of houses here in Ohio that are very similar to the Sears No 123, but aren’t a perfect match. I’m thinking this was a somewhat common design of the time period, so there were pattern book plans around that local builders were using. We may never know for sure. Congratulations on your new home! It’s a great old Dutch Colonial whether it turns out to be from Sears or not.


  3. Very interesting. Have you found examples of the other style of The Clyde in Dayton or anywhere else you’ve visited?


  4. We have a fair number of Clydes in Michigan but nothing like the numbers you found in Dayton!


  5. The Clyde is the main river through Glasgow, Scotland, and although that doesn’t explain why Sears used it, it does put it in context of lots of picturesque names of kit house models from countries where Sears employees’ parents may have originated! Other Scottish names are Dundee and Kilbourne, plus anything including ‘glen,’ for instance.


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