A Sears Concord in Kettering (the old style)

Sometimes this Sears House researching thing makes me feel really smart.  And sometimes…….not so much.  You would think, after ten plus years of doing this, I would be better at spotting houses on street surveys.  Nope.  Not so much.  That’s why I love to track down houses from mortgage records.  You give me a parcel that was financed through Sears Roebuck, and after a bit of sleuthing, I can find the house.  And usually……I know what model it is.

But not always.   Like this house.

S Concord- No114-2011 Heritage Point Dr Kettering OH

Sears Concord – No 114 – 2011 Heritage Point Dr – Kettering Ohio

Not too long ago, Tina from the Montgomery County Records Center pointed my nose to some Abstract Index books that had been digitized and were available on line, so I could do some research from home.  Sweet!  And not so sweet……because there are a lot of books, and going through them page by page is tedious and makes my eyes hurt.  But every once in a while, I take a stab at one of them, and hope to find something.  And find something I did, the other night.

If you have been following along with this little blog, you might remember that in the Cincinnati area, there are some additional kinds of records to look for, that aren’t found in other parts of the country, as far as tracking down Sears Houses.  Usually we researchers look for mortgages that have been recorded with the Sears Trustees names that have been identified to date.  In Hamilton County, we have also found that quite a few Sears Houses have a Mechanics Lien that was attached by Norwood Sash and Door.   We don’t know all the details of that, but its a fact.

Well……guess what?   Montgomery County has the same thing.  And that’s how I found a Sears Concord (the old style) in Kettering.

I’m calling this Sears Concord “the old style” because Sears used the name “Concord” twice during the years they were selling house as kits through their Modern Homes catalog.

Early on in the Sears House timeline, as early as 1911, Sears offered the model No 114.  By 1914, the model number has gotten a little bigger- the Modern Home No. 264P114.

1914 catalog

Thankfully, a few years later, around 1916, Sears changed to catchy little names for their house designs, instead of using numbers, and the No 114 became The Concord.

1918 catalog

And almost 100 years later, I would stand in front of a Sears Concord, and never even “see” it.

Yep.  A couple of years ago, while driving around Kettering looking for Sears Houses, I spotted a fabulous Sears Osborn on Heritage Point Dr.

S Osborn 2003 Heritage Point Dr Kettering OH

It wasn’t until the other night, when I found a Mechanics Lien for a parcel in the S H Carr plat in Montgomery County, and tracked it to a house on Heritage Point Dr in Kettering that I figured it out.  Right next door to the fabulous Sears Osborn was a Sears model I had never seen before.

So today, even though we had rain, and a bit of ice, and it was cold, and it was dreary, I hopped in the car with my daughter in tow, and we went to get photos.

Here they are.  I’ll post the catalog image and the floor plan, too.  You know what to do.  Match up the details and the windows, etc…….etc……etc…..

1918 image

S Concord-No114-2011 Heritage Point Dr R Kettering OH

Sears Concord (old style) 2011 Heritage Point Dr., Kettering Ohio . The house has had an addition put on the right side sometime in the last 99 years.

S Concord-No114-2011 Heritage Point Dr left Kettering OH


1918 details

It’s hard to see in my photos above, the bay window and the angled window in the Living Room, due to the gloomy day, but they are there all right.

2011-2003 Heritage Point Dr Kettering OH

Sears Concord and Sears Osborn – 2011 and 2003 Heritage Point Dr., Kettering Ohio

It was a quick trip, but lots of fun, especially since we also met up with the newest member of our research team, Marie, and went to an Open House of a Sears Wilmore that is for sale nearby.


Sears Wilmore, 1581 Springhill Ave., Kettering Ohio


If you all haven’t been to Kettering yet, Heritage Point Dr., and Springhill Ave. have some great Sears Houses to see.

Thanks for following along.



2 comments on “A Sears Concord in Kettering (the old style)

  1. What a treat you have pointed out! A picture from “History in you own backyard” popped up on my FB newsfeed today; A reminder that my parents house was identified as a “sears kit home” several years ago. After a very quick google search I found your article. After I clicked on the ad scans from the original listings and read carefully I’m shocked! (model 114) The advertisement lists a quote from “S.C. Harrington of Weisburg Ind”. This is in fact my parent’s home! Wow, super cool!


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