A Sears Americus in Dayton

You all know I love old newspapers.  I find all kinds of cool stuff when I am doing searches for kit houses in Ohio.  What always amazes me is what shows up today, might not have shown up when I did the very same search a while back.  Or…..sometimes I stumble across something while researching something entirely different.

That’s what happened a few weeks ago.  I was doing some searches on Norwood Sash and Door in the Dayton newspapers, and one thing led to another.  Kinda like Monty Python.

Anyway, here’s the really cool thing I found about a Sears Americus in Dayton.


Dayton Daily News Sun – March 7, 1926


Sears, Roebuck sold grocery items through their mail order catalogs, just like Amazon is doing now on line, and it appears these people put together a nice dinner menu with items sold through the Sears catalog.  Too bad they didn’t tell us what was on the menu!


And like happens today……the newspaper published the wrong address for the house in the article!  After a big disappointment when I went looking for 2225 Victoria Ave and finding the whole block was now the site of a hospital, I did some more checking in the Montgomery County Abstract records and found the correct address for the house.

S Americus 2125 Victoria Ave Dayton OH (newspaper)

Sears Americus at 2125 Victoria Ave, Dayton, Ohio. (Photo from Montgomery County Auditor’s website)


1926 image

The Americus on Victoria Ave in Dayton has an addition on the back, and a partially enclosed front porch, but it’s the house mentioned in the newspaper.  The Abstract Record shows D C Peterson as the owner.

2125 Victoria Ave Dayton OH earlier abstract


Further research on D C Peterson showed that he is connected to another Sears House in Dayton.  In 1937, he and another person were victims of a pickpocket and the incident made the newspaper.  His address was listed as 2317 Emerson Ave.


My mortgage record research for Montgomery County documented the duplex house at 2315-2317 Emerson Ave. as a Sears Bedford.  That house has a larger dormer than what is shown in the Modern Homes catalogs, just like the one located recently in Richmond, Indiana.

2315 Emerson Ave L Dayton OH (WOL)

Sears Bedford at 2315-2317 Emerson Ave., Dayton, Ohio

1928 image

from the 1928 catalog

I will continue to research old newspapers as more and more are getting digitized all the time.  And I’m hoping to find more cool stuff about Sears Houses in Ohio.

Thanks for following along.


5 comments on “A Sears Americus in Dayton

  1. Such cool finds!!! That Bedford might be worth driving past sometime soon!! 🙂


  2. How did I miss this post?! The “mail order dinner” with the giant key? Awesome.


  3. I used to live across the street from the Americus on Victoria Ave. in Dayton. The “barn” in the back was home to Moussaian Oriental Carpet Cleaning, while the family lived in the House.


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