Lots of Progress in Franklin County

My last blog post was about the start of my research into the Franklin County, Ohio mortgage records.

I am very happy to report to you that are interested, that so far, I have checked out 178 individual mortgage records, and of those, was able to document 122 Sears, Roebuck kit homes built in Franklin County between 1925 and 1930.

Some of the houses were previously identified from on line Deed Records, or street surveys, or newspaper research, or owners contacting somebody in our group…….you know……all the other ways we find these houses, but many of them were new to “The List”.  That’s the document my research group started back in 2013, to help us keep track of what we, and other researchers, have located to date.

It’s a good thing we did that, as it has given us a focus, and a bit of a competition, to see what States and Cities have the most  “Sears Houses”.

So far…….Ohio is in the lead, with about 2340 homes out of the slightly over 11,000 homes on the list.

Yay Ohio!

Anyways, here’s a few of the new to the list houses, that are great matches to the original catalog listings, and have been well cared for over the years.  All these photos are from the Franklin County Auditor’s website.  I haven’t gotten over to get my own photos yet, as January has been brutal, weather wise, here in my area.  When the grass starts to grow and the Spring flowers start to bloom, I hope to make several trips to see these houses from the sidewalk.

Sears Albion 141 E Beaumont Columbus OH (WOL)

Sears Albion, 141 E Beaumont, Columbus OH

Albion image 1925

Sears Ashland 172 N Ardmore Rd Bexley OH (WOL)

Sears Ashland, 172 N Ardmore Rd, Bexley OH

Sears Ashland image 1928.png

Sears Barrington 359 Fallis Rd Columbus OH (WOL)

Sears Barrington, 359 Fallis Rd, Columbus OH

1928 image

Sears Cedars 175 Wetmore Rd Columbus OH (EHP)

Sears Cedars, 175 Wetmore Rd, Columbus OH

Cedars coloring page

This image is from a newspaper ad. I edited it to make it a coloring page.

303 N Cassingham Bexley OH

Sears Tarryton, 303 N Cassingham, Bexley OH.

Columbus Evening Dispatch 29 May 1928

Newspaper ad from the Columbus Evening Dispatch 29 May 1928. This Tarryton model was also mortgaged through Sears, Roebuck, making it double documented!

Sears Vallonia 686 McNaughten Rd Columbus OH (WOL)

Sears Vallonia with loads of original details! 686 McNaughten Rd., Columbus OH

1930 image

I have lots more work to do in Franklin County as there are more mortgage records to be found.  I hope to get back to their Recorder’s Office soon for additional research.

Thanks for following along!

12 comments on “Lots of Progress in Franklin County

  1. There’s a Alahambra on Mulford Road 43212 (I think). It has too many trees in the yard but looks good from the street.


  2. I’m hoping to identify the addresses of the other 8 Sears houses on Bexley. I think one of your posts mentioned a total of 10? I have 303 n cassingham and 172 n ardmore. I am a member of an historic preservation group in Bexley, and I want to add these homes to a list to protect the architectural integrity and historical value. Any info you can provide would be great!


  3. I live off of Mcnaughten rd in Columbus. My parents have been talking about sears homes and we were guessing which ones around us could be one. So happy to see the one you posted! Thanks for all of your research. What a neat piece of history.

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  4. 6607 Clark State Rd in Blacklick, OH was a Sears home! Built in 1935 and was completely renovated into a gorgeous craftsman style ranch in 2008! Purchased it in 2015 and sold in 2016 for a farm in Mansfield, OH. I have a few photos of the home prior to renovations.



  5. I live on Fallis Road where the Sears Barrington is and that house is my favorite one on the street. There are a lot more of the Barrington around here in Clintonville, there is one on Arden and then another one on Blenheim.


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