Is there a Cyclone in Ohio?

I say yes.

Not the weather related type of Cyclone, of course.  We never get those here in Ohio.  But today, while out and about, hunting up Sears Houses with my research buddy Marie, we stumbled upon what may be a Sears Cyclone!

Some of you, who follow this little blog, and those of you who know something about Sears Houses, may already be saying – WHAT is Cindy talking about?

Because there was no Sears Modern Home that was named The Cyclone.

BUT…….there was a…….BARN!!!

Cyclone No 3024 image

Sears, as you know, sold all kinds of stuff through their mail order catalogs.  And farm supplies were a big part of their catalog business.  I’m not exactly sure when Sears started selling barn kits  (houses started in 1908) but we know they were actively marketing them at least through 1928.

EDIT – Andrew from my research group pointed out that Sears was still mentioning barn kits in their last Sears Modern Homes catalog, which was published in 1940.  I then checked my own resource materials and found barns were shown as early as the 1912 catalog.  Since they were sold for such a long time, surely there are many more out there just waiting to be found.  

Here is a link to the 1928 Sears Roebuck Modern Farm Buildings catalog, where I got the images and information for this post.

Sears Modern Farm Building catalog

After reviewing the basic information and comparing the details of the barn we spotted today, I am 99.9% sure it was purchased from Sears.

Sears was well aware that farmers had different needs for their barns, and they were ready to step in and help you get exactly the right one.

Let us help you plan your barn.png

The catalog offered about 20 different designs, and each design was offered in a variety of widths and lengths.

barn size chart

The Cyclone No 3024 isn’t listed on the chart, for some reason, but the catalog details do state it can be ordered in different sizes.

Prices on Any Length Quoted on Request

Cyclone barn No 3024 details

Here it is!  It’s a beauty….even if it does need a little paint.

DSCN1067 (4)

Probable Sears Cyclone barn – No. 3024 – on Old St Rt 35 just outside Washington Court House, Ohio

Here’s a few of the defining details

Check out the brackets!


close up of the details on a Sears barn from the 1928 catalog


DSCN1067 (2)

It’s a match!

Barn doors

DSCN1066 (3)

Barn ventilators

DSCN1067 (3)


The base of the barn we saw today is block of some kind, which may be the reason it is still standing strong today.   While the Cyclone isn’t pictured that way in the catalog, the Country Gentleman is, so we know that was an option that could be added when you special ordered your barn.

Country Gentleman barn No 3007

Marie and I sure never expected to find a barn today, which is kind of the Holy Grail among serious Sears House researchers, so it sure made up for the one lonely little mortgage record that we discovered in Fayette County.  But……that mortgage record led us to a really nice Sears House, which I will share in my next post.

Thanks for following along!


5 comments on “Is there a Cyclone in Ohio?

  1. Wow! What a good-looking barn–and what good eyes you have to spot it. Yes, the block base and the windows seem to be the only departures, and they might have been special-ordered that way. I had no idea Sears even made barns!


    • Robin, I love old barns and I am always looking at them. Not all the Sears barns had that distinctive feature at the peak, and maybe other companies did too, but…….I’m hoping it is the real deal.


  2. NICE!!!! I hadn’t thought to look for barns, too. I would love to drive you around Kent (Ohio) as I have spotted several I am CERTAIN are Sears homes, including 3-4 next to the old train station (which makes me even more certain).


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