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Is it, or is it not, a Sears Winona, in Washington Court House?

Hello there, blog readers that I have been ignoring for a while now.   I have to be “in the mood” to write a post for this little deal of mine, and I guess I haven’t been in the right frame of mind for several weeks.

But I did promise a blog post about the one and only Sears House in Washington Court House that Marie and I located when we took a day trip to Fayette County in March.

And of course, since a few weeks have passed, I had to go back and find my photos, then as usual, discovered that I didn’t label them properly, then had to use “The List” to get the address.  It’s a good thing I am keeping up on my list entries, or I would never know where the houses I located are!!!  Well……Marie helped with that this time, too, since she took the notes last time.

First, I need to tell you all that I incorrectly identified the location of the Sears Barn in my last post.  I said it was just outside Jamestown, but when I went back later to Google drive past it again, I realized it is actually just outside Washington Court House, not Jamestown.  I have corrected my last post about that.

Now, on to the Sears House we found with the one and only mortgage record we found in Fayette County.

This doesn’t mean that there is only one Sears House in Washington Court House and vicinity……it just means there was only one house that was financed through Sears, Roebuck.

The gal at the Fayette County Recorder’s Office was super helpful.  She knew exactly where the books were that we needed, then helped us find the plat map to figure out the location of the parcel with the mortgage attached.

On April 27, 1924, a local man named Ottis Stookey  got a mortgage from Sears for $2650 for Lots 8 and 7 in the Baker Addition of Washington Court House.

Marie and I were able to track that down to a house at 1215 S Fayette St.

1215 S Fayette St Washington Court House OH 2

1215 S Fayette St., Washington Court House, OH

But……….WHAT IS IT?!?!?!

Well, we weren’t sure.

The house has loads of “Sears” details, like the decorative barge boards and five piece eave brackets we see on many Sears models, but the house itself isn’t an exact match to any of the known designs.

1215 S Fayette St Washington Court House OH 3

1215 S Fayette St Washington Court House OH 1

After careful review, Marie and I have decided we are going to consider it a somewhat altered Winona.  The front porch roof change really gives the house a different look.

85 The Winona image

The Winona came in several floor plans over the many years it was offered in the Modern Homes catalogs ( 1916- 1940), and the home in Washington Court House matches up to the No. 2010.  The differences are that the windows have a somewhat different arrangement, but the room layout is correct, mostly.  The house was built reversed from the catalog listing, an option offered on many Sears models.

85 The Winona floor plan 2010

So……how do we know the rooms match up?

Well…..the house was for sale recently, and the Realtor photos are still available on line, so we were able to “walk through” the house from our personal devices.

I’m not going to put the link here, since usually right after I do that, the listing info disappears!  Poof!   Instead, here are a few photos from the Realtor website, showing off the lovely Sears mill work inside the home.

1215 S Fayette St WCH OH realtor 1

1215 S Fayette St WCH OH realtor 3


1215 S Fayette St WCH OH realtor 2


1215 S Fayette St WCH OH realtor 51215 S Fayette St WCH OH realtor 6


1215 S Fayette St WCH OH realtor 4

And how nice of the Realtor to get a good photo of the Sears Stratford design door knob and back plate for us!

1215 S Fayette St WCH OH realtor 7


stratford hardware


Washington Court House has some lovely older homes, and Marie and I enjoyed our day there.  We also came across several houses from The Aladdin Company, a competitor of Sears, and I will show you those in my next post.

Thanks for following along!

One comment on “Is it, or is it not, a Sears Winona, in Washington Court House?

  1. You really have to have an eagle eye to connect that house to the picture. But what nice details inside! Good work!


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