Sears House Hunters meet up – Day 3

If you’ve been following along, you know a few members of our Sears House research team had a meet up in the Cleveland area in June.

This post will focus on the third day, Sunday.

We didn’t get together on Sunday, since it was a travel day for all of us.  But we all did get to see some Sears Houses on our way back to our own parts of our Sears House Hunting world.

Judith decided on a quick trip up north to see the lake before she headed to the airport for her flight back to the St Louis area.  While she was up there she did a quick tour of Lakewood, and took this photo of a colorful Sears Honor.

Sears Honor 1524 Saint Charles Ave Lakewood OH 2 (JEC photo)

Sears Honor, 1524 Saint Charles Ave., Lakewood OH  ( Photo courtesy of Judith Chabot )

The Sears Honor in Lakewood sits on a corner lot, so if it looks like what we expect to be the front door is closed up, it is!  The owners are using the side of the house that faces the other street for the main entrance.

Sears Honor 1524 Saint Charles Ave Lakewood OH (JEC photo)

Side view of a Sears Honor in Lakewood, Ohio. This side is being used as the main entrance to the home. ( Photo courtesy of Judith Chabot )


image 1920

floor plan 1918

Andrew also stopped on his way home to Michigan to have a look at a few more houses in Elyria.  Unfortunately, due to a problem later in the week, he lost all the photos he took during our weekend outing.  Now he will have to go back to Elyria and get new photos soon.


That leaves Marie and I.  We headed down south through Medina once again.  After a quick look at a few houses we already knew about, we decided to head towards Mansfield by way of Ashland.  We couldn’t get to Ashland on our way up on St Rt 42 due to water covering the road, but hoped it had cleared and was open by now.

Well……..we would never know for sure, because not too far south of Medina we came across a different road closure, and had to reroute again, heading east toward the Interstate.

So…..what do Sears House Hunters do when faced with such an issue?

Ha!  We look for Sears Houses somewhere else.

Like Wooster.

Since I hadn’t printed a list for Wooster for our weekend, Marie did a quick look at our on line database to see if we had any houses already identified there.

Yep!  On our way!

Almost as soon as we got to the edge of town, Marie spotted a Sears Crescent.  The house is being used as an insurance company office now, and since it was Sunday, we were able to pull in the parking lot and get photos easily.

Sears Crescent 2708 Cleveland Rd Wooster OH

Sears Crescent, 2708 Cleveland Rd., Wooster Ohio

Sears Crescent image 1925

We spotted a few more houses on Cleveland Rd. that need further review, then drove around a few blocks and spotted this lovely Sears Lewiston with a brick facade.

Sears Lewiston 430 Highland Wooster OH

Sears Lewiston , 430 Highland Ave., Wooster Ohio

Sears Lewiston image 1930

Then on we go to see a couple of houses already on “the list”.

It needs some love, but it is clearly a Sears Amsterdam.  Thanks to Lara for locating this one a while back.

Sears Amsterdam 1502 Beall St Wooster OH (2)

Sears Amsterdam, 1502 Beall St., Wooster Ohio


Sears Amsterdam 1502 Beall St Wooster OH door details

Distinctive door details on the Sears Amsterdam

Sears Amsterdam 1502 Beall St Wooster OH rear 2

Rear view of a Sears Amsterdam at 1502 Beall St., Wooster Ohio

Sears Amsterdam catalog 1926

Another house that has been on “the list” for so long we don’t even know who located it, is this Sears Belmont.   This was a common house design  that was offered by Sears and included in many plan books of the time, so documentation is really important when we see a house like this.  (This is true of many Sears House designs.)

Sears Belmont 1120 N Bever Wooster OH

Possible Sears Belmont, 1120 N Bever St., Wooster Ohio

Sears Belmont catalog 1931

Wooster has some great architecture, and we plan to go back to do some more looking around, and see if there are mortgage records available for our Sears House locating process.

Time is passing, and we’ve had a big weekend, so we decide to head out towards home, but still want to avoid the Interstate.

So…….where does that road take us?

Mount Vernon

Again, Marie checked “the list” for what had already been identified, and sees that Judith located a Sears Belmont there!

But……it’s the OTHER Sears Belmont.

Sears used the name Belmont twice during their house selling years, once for a lovely California style bungalow between 1916 and 1921, then for the brick English style home, shown above, in the early 1930’s.

Here’s the early one.

Sears Belmont image 1918

The house in Mount Vernon has the front porch enclosed, but it sure looks like the real deal.

Sears Belmont 109 Potwin St Mount Vernon OH right

Sears Belmont, 109 Potwin St., Mount Vernon Ohio

And while I was taking photos of the house above, Marie wandered off because she “saw something”.

Yep!  She sure did!

Right around the corner was this Sears Argyle.

Sears Argyle 102 Oak St Mount Vernon OH left 2

Sears Argyle, 102 Oak St., Mount Vernon Ohio

Argyle 1918 Image

Sears Argyle and Belmont Mount Vernon OH

By now, we really needed to make tracks for home, so we did.

What a great day we had in the Cleveland area, and what a great way to cap it off, by seeing more Sears Houses in Ohio on the way home.

Since our meet up in Cleveland, I have been out and about several times.  I went back to Middletown where I spotted a few more Sears Houses ( no surprise ), then spent a few hours in Reading another day.

A quick trip to Logan County to look for mortgage records netted a Wardway Home in Lakeview, then Marie and I did another day trip a bit north of us to Sidney and Wapakoneta.

Keep watching and……..

Thanks for following along!

3 comments on “Sears House Hunters meet up – Day 3

  1. There are several Sears homes in the Clifton Park area of Lakewood, OH. Four on a hort section of Clifton Rd and moe on Lake Ave and they span the range of models..


  2. Come back to Mount Vernon. I think i have found a few beautiful Maplewoods!


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