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A Shout Out to Monroe

It’s been a crazy busy, Sears House Hunting year for me so far.  Probably the best one yet.

It’s hard to believe that I was feeling a little burned out with this hobby a couple of years back, and thinking about finding something new to occupy my time.  Then……I remembered how much I love these houses, and realized that I probably just needed to find some new and different ways to be involved in the “big picture” part of this deal, which is to track down houses, and find more ways to promote awareness.

And I’ve done that this year by working harder at finding on line records, and then this Summer, making quite a few trips to new areas here in Ohio, with the focus on getting mortgage records.

Mortgage records lead to Sears Houses.  And sometimes, those Sears Houses lead to more Sears Houses……in the same neighborhoods, villages, and towns.  And while doing that, I’ve been blessed to see other great homes and buildings along the way.   And meet some really nice people.

Some of those really nice people showed up for a Presentation I was asked to give last week at a General Meeting of the Monroe Historical Society.



The room was full, and the folks were so very interested in hearing me talk…. and talk….. and talk….. about Sears Houses.

And during and after, several people shared their own stories about Sears Houses.  Some had grown up in one, or lived in one at some point, or was living in one now!  Those stories make the whole thing come alive.  Houses from Sears, Roebuck, are part of our architectural history, but when you hear stories about the families that built or lived in one,  it becomes my own personal history.

So thanks, Monroe.  For asking me.  I had a blast!





One comment on “A Shout Out to Monroe

  1. I’m sure your talk was fascinating–lucky listeners! Your knowledge of Sears and other “kit” houses is amazing!


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