Happy Fall!

I love the Fall of the year.  It’s without  a doubt my favorite season.  If you know me personally, you might know that orange is my favorite color, so maybe that’s one of the reasons why Fall appeals to me.

Apparently, my love of Fall must prompt me to get out and about hunting up Sears Houses, because as I was going through my photo files (which aren’t very well organized), I discovered I have a lot of pictures of Sears Houses that are decorated for Fall or Halloween, or have lovely Fall colors in the landscaping.

Now that it has finally cooled off here in Ohio and feels more like Fall, I decided this would be a good time to share some of my photos.   I will post the models, the addresses, and when I took the photo in the captions.


Harris Bros No 1000, 2126 Heritage Point Dr., Kettering Ohio. Photo taken Nov 6, 2015

Harris Bros No 1000 image 1923

How about this house being a perfect match to the catalog?  Just add a skelelton……

S Alhambra 221 North Shore R South Bend IN

Sears Alhambra, 221 W North Shore Dr., South Bend, IN. Photo taken Nov 1, 2016

Sears Alhambra image 1918

This Sears Kilbourne in Cincinnati was built reversed from the catalog offering.  No problem at time of ordering and no extra charge!

S Kilbourne 601 Rushton Rd CCat Cincinnati OH

Sears Kilbourne, 601 Rushton Rd., Cincinnati Ohio – photo taken Oct 5, 2014

Sears Kilbourne image 1920.jpg

OK so the next one isn’t decorated for Fall, but it’s ORANGE!

S Puritan 412 S 23rd St L Richmond IN

Sears Puritan, 412 S 23rd St., Richmond IN. Photo taken Nov 18, 2018

Puritan image 1925

Nice original details on the front of this Sears Oakdale in Newtown, Ohio.

S Oakdale 6810 Main St R CCat Cincinnati OH

Sears Oakdale, 6810 Main St, Newtown Ohio.   Photo taken Sept 29, 2014

Sears Oakdale image 1925

I got up close to this Sears Attleboro last year when the owners opened their home to the public for a Holiday Craft Sale.   There was a  bit of snow that day, which added a nice touch to the Fall leaves.  Lots of trees on this property, which makes it hard to see from the road.

Sears Attleboro 2904 Dayton Xenia Rd Beavercreek OH

Sears Attleboro, 2904 Dayton Xenia Rd., Beavercreek Ohio. Photo take Nov 16, 2018. 

Sears Attleboro imge on cover 1936 catalog

The Sears Attleboro was featured on the cover of the 1936 and 1938 Modern Homes catalogs.

One of the more unique Sears models, The Carroll.  Also built reversed from the catalog offering.

S Carroll 7230 Fernbank Ave Cincinnati OH 2

Sears Carroll, 7230 Fernbank Ave., Cincinnati Ohio. Photo taken Nov 12, 2018

Sears Carroll image 1931 catalog

You always hear that lot of Sears Houses were built close to the railroad tracks.  Well…….if that wasn’t the case, I guess you could try to bring the railroad tracks close to the house!

S Wilmore 6719 Home City Ave Cincinnati OH

Sears Wilmore (also called The Jewel), 6719 Home City Ave., Cincinnati Ohio. Photo taken Nov 12, 2018

Sears Wilmore image 1936 catalog

Just down the street from the Wilmore is this very well kept Sears Rochelle.

S Rochelle 6818 Home City Ave Cincinnati OH

Sears Rochelle, 6818 Home City Ave., Cincinnati Ohio.  Photo taken Nov 12, 2018

Sears Rochelle image 1930

I could go on and on…….but it’s a nice Fall day in Ohio.  Maybe I should get out there and take some new photos.

Thanks for following along.

4 comments on “Happy Fall!

  1. I can’t believe you found an orange Sears house!


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