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You Deserve a Donut

Hubby and I had a jam packed Summer planned.  Night after night of entertainment at the Springfield Arts Festival, several concerts at the Rose Music Center, Dayton Dragons games, Studebaker Car Club events, Food Truck Rallies, and as always, I was hoping for a few day trips out and about in Ohio hunting down Sears Houses.

Huh.  So much for plans.

We’ve been doing everything we are supposed to be doing to keep us, and everybody around us, safe, but…….we are getting discouraged.

After watching crowds of people milling around on the side street beside our house, going between three places having garage sales (who thought that was a good idea?) we decided to vacate the premises and go for a ride.

But we needed a destination.

We decided to go get a donut.  I know, I know.  You can get donuts anywhere.  What kind of a ride is that?   Well……if you know my husband, any ride can turn into a day long episode of multiple stops.  And that’s pretty much what happened.  But we did it safely.

First stop was my choice.  I decided on doing a drive by a Sears House in Kettering that my research partner Marie had let me know was for sale.

Realtor link to 2011 Heritage Point Dr

I had located the house a few years back from my mortgage record work in Montgomery County, and had a few photos of it, but they were taken on a rainy, gloomy day, and weren’t very good.  The Realtor listing photos showed that the house was currently vacant, so I knew I could get up close for my own pictures and peek in the windows.

The house was an early model Sears Concord.  I wrote about it once before.

A Sears Concord in Kettering (the old style)

S Concord 1918 image

Sears Concord from the 1918 catalog

S Concord 1

Sears Concord, 2011 Heritage Point Dr., Kettering Ohio

The house has an addition on the right side.  The bay window and the diagonal window on the front of the house are very distinctive.

S Concord 1918 details

The house has a stained glass window in the Living Room bay window.  It doesn’t match any that were sold by Sears, but does look original to the home.

No, we didn’t go inside.  This photo is from the Realtor’s listing.

S Concord stained glass window

S Concord 2

S Concord 7

From this side view you can also see the Sears Osborn that is right next door.

After a thorough walk around the house and lots of peeking in whatever windows we could, we headed off to our next stop, which was hubby’s choice.  Nope!  Not to the donut place yet.  It was time for a quick snack lunch before that.  And where do we get quick snack lunches in Ohio?  Skyline!!!

We knew which one was along the way to the donut place……the one in Eaton.

After carry out hot dogs and fries, (enjoyed in the safety of our vehicle), we headed off again, but stopped so I could take a quick look at another kit house that I knew about, but hadn’t gotten pictures of yet.

This house wasn’t purchased from Sears, but from one of their competitors, Harris Bros.  This was very popular model for Harris Bros., as I have spotted them in several other places in Ohio. Thackery, Urbana, and London all have one.

1517 image-1915

Here’s the one just outside of Eaton.

HB 1517 3

Harris Bros No. 1517, 2096 US 127 North, Eaton, Ohio

Now……off to the donut place.

But……..shortly after we turned off St Rt 127, what to my wandering eye should appear?  It could be a Shadow Lawn model from The Aladdin Co of Bay City, Michigan.  And it’s not even Christmas!

A Shadowlawn 1920 image

A Shadow 4

Possible Aladdin Shadow Lawn, 547 SR 726, Eaton, Ohio

NOW…….we are ready for donuts.  Off to Today’s Harvest in New Paris.

Today’s Harvest donut info

you deserve a donut

We were good and only got 6.  Their Salted Caramel flavor is our current favorite.

We headed home with happier hearts than when we left.  It was a good day out and about in beautiful Ohio.

Thanks for following along and stay well.

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