6 New Houses in Butler County

Occasionally when I find a “new” Sears House in the Cincinnati area, and share the information with my little research group on Facebook, Andrew will jokingly comment “I think they are still building them down there”.

Ha! I think he might be right!

It seems like no matter how many times somebody goes through old records, real estate listings, or Google drives around, we always “find” a new Sears House somewhere in Cincinnati.

But today isn’t about Cincinnati. It’s about the area just north of it, which also has loads of Sears Houses.

I researched the mortgage records in Butler County several years ago, and that led to locating many houses all over that County, a few of which I have shared in this little blog.

That led to me getting an email from a reader, Nathaniel, who said he lives next door to one of the Sears Osborn models in Hamilton, Ohio. Since the Osborn is distinctive, and he admires it every day, he was able to spot two additional ones nearby, and was kind enough to send me the addresses.

And they were both ones we didn’t already know about! I love it when that happens.

And they both look to have most of the original details, based on their Auditor photos and Google images.

Here’s the catalog illustration of The Osborn.

and the floor plan.

Here’s the two Nathaniel let me know about.

Sears Osborn at 5701 Hankins Rd. in Liberty Township, Ohio. Photo from Butler County Auditor website
Sears Osborn at 359 Symmes Rd., Fairfield, Ohio. Photo from Butler County Auditor website.

Of course, now that I know about these two, that’s my cue to have a “Google” drive around and see what else might be nearby.

Yep. Sears Houses. “New” ones.

Just down the road from The Osborn on Symmes is a Kilbourne model.

Sears Kilbourne at 968 Symmes Rd., Fairfield Ohio. Photo from Butler County Auditor website.

A short Google drive away in neighboring Hamilton, I spotted this house. Since it is painted all white, it was hard to spot the distinctive diamond shape decorative detail above the porch, but it’s there. What made me notice it first, were the chunky stucco porch pillars and the straight brackets that were part of this design.

Sears Wellington, 610 Hayes Ave., Hamilton, Ohio. Photo from Butler County Auditor website. Built reversed from the catalog image.

Down the street from The Wellington is a Sears Conway model. And I think it was just built!

Sears Conway, 874 Hayes Ave., Hamilton, Ohio. Photo from Butler County Auditor website.

Really, I wouldn’t have spotted this one, except that on Google street view, and the Auditor site, there was an older version of the house.

Older Auditor photo of a Sears Conway at 874 Hayes Ave., Hamilton, Ohio

And last, but certainly not least……..

I couldn’t hardly believe my eyes. Good thing the house is on a corner lot so I could see all the way around it.

A Sears Ashmore!!!!

Sears Ashmore at 833 Minor Ave., Hamilton, Ohio. Photo from Butler County Auditor website.

I would call The Ashmore a “complicated” design. It has all kinds of bump outs and porches. That’s why it was so important to be able to see both sides and even the back!

Google was a big help for that.

First, the catalog image.

And the floor plan.

Notice the two bump outs on the right side. The first one is a window seat in the Living Room, and the second one, with four windows, is the bathroom and two closets.

You can see the four windows in the second bump out better in the Google street view image.

Sears Ashmore at 833 Minor Ave., Hamilton, Ohio

Both the left side porch and the back porch of this house have been enclosed. You can see the bedroom that bump outs at the rear on Google, too.

Sears Ashmore at 833 Minor Ave., Hamilton, Ohio

These are the six “new” houses located today in Butler County. You can bet I will be spending a few cold Wintery evenings this week Google driving around this area. Bet I’ll find more.

Thanks for following along.

5 comments on “6 New Houses in Butler County

  1. Oh my! Those are all so amazing and great finds. I really admire your hunt and hope to spot one some day!


  2. You are quite the detective! I never would have connected that Kilbourne with the catalogue picture–it’s so changed!


  3. I really enjoyed the houses today as I live in an Ashmore here in Birmingham, Michigan. Happily so for the past 47 years! I know of two others in the country, one in Pennsylvania and one in Minnesota. It was nice to know that there is another in Ohio. The house in Minnesota appeared in American Bungalow in November 30th, of 2005. The living room is on the cover. Caroline Jensen the owner of the MInnesota bungalow and I started a correspondence about our homes, pictures back and forth. It was a wonderful experience.
    Those of us who live in the colder climates all have the pergola enclosed which makes sense, and gives us additional living space. Our front porches are enclosed as well. This had all been done before we purchased the home in 1974. We have not changed any of the exterior. Our home looks very much like the catalog picture.
    We have many Sears homes in our area, particularly in Pontiac, mostly Dovers. We have a couple in Birmingham, and down the block from us is a 225. I wonder why it never got a name, it’s really a very attractive home!
    If you are ever interested in any additional information about the house, or would like pictures, I would be happy to oblige. I like nothing better than talking about the house I love!
    Sandy Fullmer

    Sent from my iPad


  4. Came across your blog today looking for information on Sears houses in Youngstown. Do you have any plans to research in Mahoning, Columbiana or Trumbull counties? This is a new interest that I’m looking to get more involved in and would be happy to help you navigate the area.


    • Jade, I have researched in Trumbull County. There is old mortgage information available on their County websites. I will send you an email about that with details. It’s always good to have somebody who has interest in their area help get things started.


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