Another Aladdin Home in Alpha

Long ago, back in 2016, I did a blog post in here about several Aladdin and Sears Homes in Alpha.

I went back and reread it just now, and honestly, it was painful to read. I was still learning about how to use this website, and I think I must have used all my energies on figuring out how to add photos, and text, and links,……and not on using sentences that were easy to read Or maybe I was just trying to educate people about these houses on a simple level. I was actually thinking, for just a moment, about going back and rewriting the whole thing, but that moment passed quickly.

Anyways, now I just let the words flow, and if you can follow along……..OK. If not, well, remember, this is just a personal little blog, not some big ole’ deal to teach you everything you need to know about kit houses. There are other websites for that.

I originally thought that Alpha was a village in Greene County, but Wikipedia claims it is a actually a neighborhood in Beavercreek. On the Auditor’s website, most of the houses have Alpha addresses, as they do have a post office, but the houses are in Beavercreek city limits. Very confusing.

What I do know for sure is that it is a very old area, considering what is surrounding it, and it does have some nice kit homes.

And now I have identified another one, from The Aladdin Co., of Bay City, Michigan.

I have been driving past this particular house, pretty often, for the past couple of years, ever since my daughter and her family moved to Beavercreek. Every time we go past it, I would say to myself……that house is “something”. That is Sears House Hunter speech for…….I KNOW I have seen that in a catalog…….somewhere…….and I had better hunt for it when I get home.

Yeah, well, I never remembered to hunt for it. Then a couple weeks back, I had my hubby pull off the main drag, Dayton-Xenia Rd., so I could take a few photos of it.

Then I forgot about it again.

Then last week, hubby and I went to Zanesville for a couple reasons. Yes, Sears House research was one of them. More on that later. After that trip, I had some notes, and some mortgage research to do, which always requires doing some “Google driving” around neighborhoods. That resulted in me spotting what I thought was an Aladdin Sunshine model on a street in Zanesville and that resulted in me getting out my Aladdin Homes catalogs and doing a quick look through.


There was that house in Alpha! I knew it! I had seen it in a kit house catalog.

Aladdin Homes – The Cape Cod – 1922 catalog

And the house in Alpha is a perfect match, with an enclosed side porch.

Aladdin Cape Cod, 2275 Whitey Marshall Dr., Beavercreek Ohio

Now that I have seen this house in person, and had a good look at the catalog image and details, maybe I will be able to spot more of them around Ohio. One thing to note is the double window arrangement on all four sides. The front has doubles on each side of the front door, but split apart a bit, and there is a small double in the dormer. The right side has a single window at the front part of the house, but a double behind. The left side has doors to the side porch, with two sets of double windows behind that.

Here’s the details and the floor plan illustration which show that

Aladdin Cape Cod details and floor plan from the 1922 catalog

There is another double window along the back wall, but on a normal street survey, you wouldn’t be able to spot that.

My photo of the right side confirms the house matches the catalog there.

While I couldn’t get a picture of the left side that shows the double windows, due to the enclosed porch, I did find a photo in an old real estate listing that confirms it matches there as well.

Photo from real estate site

I did wonder a bit about the street name where the house is located, Whitey Marshall, and figured that wasn’t the original name. I was right there, as I found a nice article about that in the 4 Feb 1972 edition of the Dayton Daily News.

4 Feb 1972 – Dayton Daily News

I find it very cool that this is the only house on Whitey Marshall Dr., it’s my first Aladdin Cape Cod model, Whitey Marshall sold Studebaker cars, and we own a Studebaker car!

What a world.

If you are in Beavercreek, traveling down Dayton-Xenia Rd. by Rotary Park, make sure to take a quick glance at the Aladdin Cape Cod.

Google thinks the house is in Dayton! It’s not.

Thanks for following along.


3 comments on “Another Aladdin Home in Alpha

  1. A friend sent me your article. I owned a Sears Kit House in Beavercreek. My husband and I bought it at a sheriffs sale in 1987. We bought it sight unseen inside and had some work ahead of us. It was a working farm and one of the original owners lived behind us so we got the whole history of the house. Her name was Henrietta Bigler. My husband and I fixed it and after doing all the needed research, I got the house recorded with the Ohio Historical Society. There is a plaque on the house now to identify it. The house is located at 2011 LaGrange Rd. It sits on the 90 degree turn. We split the property into two lots and built our second home next door, 2021 LaGrange Rd. I enjoyed your article very much! Thank you fir your continued love of these neat old homes. Patti Phillips


  2. I love the little chain of coincidences in this post! And I’m glad you finally solved the mystery of the house that was … something!


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