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Catching up………..

Days and weeks go by and I won’t think about this little blog of mine. Then I will get an email notification that some interested reader has left a comment about one of the houses I posted, and I realize I should check in on it once in a while!

Earlier this year I made mention of a self-imposed goal of doing one blog post a month, but that hasn’t happened. It’s not like I don’t have anything to blog about. It’s more like I have too much to blog about.

In August and September, I had some great House Hunting trips. It started out with me spotting a real estate listing for a Gordon-Van Tine kit home in Richmond, Indiana that I already knew about. I did a blog post about it here on July 31, using the photos from the Realtor, since they were pretty awesome. But I still wanted to see it in person, so on August 3, my hubby Frank took me on a day trip to see it, then we continued on to Muncie, Indiana, where I spent a couple of hours doing mortgage record research. Delaware County, Indiana had 22 mortgages for homes purchased through Sears, Roebuck and I have been able to locate 14 of those homes so far. A couple are gone, and a couple need additional research to track down, as the legal descriptions were vague and will require extra time in the records room.

The very next week, I spent a couple of days checking out Northern Kentucky, Cincinnati, Hamilton and Middletown with Nigel, a member of our research team from Michigan, and my Dayton area partner in all this, Marie. Nigel and I started out day 1 with a trip across the river to try to get mortgage records in Kenton and Campbell Counties in Kentucky. That part of the day didn’t go great. Neither County had mortgage records for the years we needed that were easily searchable. We were able to get a few deed records from Kenton County but it was a bit complicated, as their records room was undergoing renovation and the books weren’t on their shelves. Nigel spent quite a bit of time hunting up the volumes we needed from the stacks on the floor. I almost lost him one time!

After a quick lunch at Skyline Chili, we headed back into Cincinnati for a great afternoon checking out loads of Sears Houses all over town. And of course, since it’s Cincinnati, and we had Nigel’s good eye, we located a few more houses for our list. Below is a Sears Langston model with a partially enclosed front porch in Norwood that escaped numerous pairs of eyes on previous drive abouts.

On day 2 Marie joined us for a tour of Hamilton and Middletown, and again, we were able to locate additional homes purchased from Sears, Roebuck. Here’s a couple we spotted in Hamilton. An Osborn and an Alhambra.

We also made sure we drove past a Sears Lakeland model that another member of our research team, Judith, had located previously. I had never seen this model in person before and it’s a nice one.

In Middletown, I got updated photos of a few houses we had already located, an Ashmore and an Avoca.

These are just a few of the houses we drove by over 2 days. If we had stopped for photos of all of them, it would have taken 2 weeks!

The Cincinnati area is loaded with Sears Houses, and I really need to get down there more often. But then there are areas I haven’t been and really want to check out, and that’s what I did in September.

It wasn’t Ohio, but it was great! My next post will be about the couple of days I spent in Anderson, Indiana.

Thanks for following along.

One comment on “Catching up………..

  1. I love that Cincinnati is essentially a “candy store” of Sears homes! Endless delight for me as a realtor as I happen upon more and more around each bend! Thanks for this update.


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