Cindy Catanzaro has been researching Sears Houses since 2006, after discovering she was living in one!  As a volunteer for The Westcott Center for Architecture & Design, she leads walking tours and gives presentations to local interest groups.  She is a leading contributor to the National Database for Sears Catalog Homes, which currently lists addresses of more than 2100 Sears Houses across Ohio.


In 2013, she was instrumental in locating a copy of a thesis written by Beatrice Lask that listed more than 500 Sears Homes in the Cincinnati area.  The thesis, prepared by Mrs. Lask in the early 1990’s, was originally on file at the University of Cincinnati DAAP Library, but had gone missing.   It has now been scanned, is back on file at the Library, and is available to the public.


Cindy loves to share  information about this little piece of America’s architectural history.

Contact – cyn.catanzaro@gmail.com


10 comments on “About

  1. Cindy:

    There is a farmhouse just west of Gettysburg that is slso a sears home. My ex husband lives there. His grandfather bought the house because it was a sears house back in the 80’s. He used to be the manager of Sears in Greenville. It is the 2nd house on the left going towards Greenville after you go through the light in Gettysburg. Happy Hunting!


  2. I live in one as well. I requested to see the google document to see if our house was listed


  3. Hello,
    I have lived in a Sears home in Chardon Twp, Ohio for 32 years.
    The original property was 30 acres, but we only purchased 5 acres.
    It’s nice to hear that there are enthusiasts that are always interested in finding our special homes.
    My windows and floors are original.
    I am not sure of the model…
    Penny Conover


  4. I’m curious if I live in a Sears kit home. The sellers said it was, but I would like to know for sure. We live in blanchester Ohio and there are several houses in town similar to ours. What can I do to find out for sure?


  5. My husband and I just bought a Lewiston in Morrow, OH. We were told it was a Sears home but got the confirmation when we found the original blue prints in the attic! I’d love to see if it’s listed in the registry. I requested a copy.


  6. We live in a Sears Kit Home. It was built in the Mid 50″s It is a very simple ranch home with a basement. Id love to know what “model” it was. Any ideas on how to find out?


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