“Sears House” Hunters

Who are the “Sears House” Hunters and what do we do?

The “Sears House” Hunters group is comprised of a team of dedicated researchers who spend countless hours tracking down homes purchased as kits through mail order catalogs.

The group uses primary and secondary source documents, on line resources, family histories, individual interviews, and other methods to locate and document individual homes.

While documentation is one of our primary goals,  lists of addresses of homes that match designs offered by one of the mail order catalog kit house companies are also kept, in the hopes of eventually being able to document, or reject, specific homes from our records. The group uses shared on line documents to track the addresses of these homes.

Many, but not all, of our research group, maintain their own blogs or websites to raise awareness, and educate, the public about these homes.

Instead of listing all those individuals websites here, I’ll just give you a link to a blog post where all that information has already been compiled.



The fun part of it is going out into individual cities, towns, and villages, to actually see some of the houses we have located, and of course, to look for more.

So………if you see a vehicle in your area with a sign that says “Sears House” Hunters, it’s probably one of us.  🙂





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