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6 New Houses in Butler County

Occasionally when I find a “new” Sears House in the Cincinnati area, and share the information with my little research group on Facebook, Andrew will jokingly comment “I think they are still building them down there”. Ha! I think he might be right! It seems like no matter how many times somebody goes through old […]

A Sears Ashmore in Columbus

A Sears Ashmore in Columbus

A few weeks ago, a reader, Lynda, contacted me about what she hoped was a Sears Vallonia near her in Columbus.  She sent me the address and some other information, and after checking it out, she was right! As an after thought, she then sent me a second email, with the address for another house […]

The Sears Ashmore in Cincinnati (Clifton)

In 1916, Sears Roebuck and Co. introduced a new model.  The No. 264P250.  I know!  How exciting!  Everybody would want one of those! Good thing a year or so later, Sears would give all their house plans a name, instead of a long pesky number.  The No.264P250 would become The Ashmore The Ashmore was a […]