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More Sears Houses in Middletown

More Sears Houses in Middletown

January is traditionally the month when I purge, organize, and declutter.  Or maybe I should say, I make an attempt to purge, organize, and declutter.  Mostly I read a lot of articles on how to go about it, but like most people, I find it difficult to find the place to start. I consider myself […]

The Sears Houses of Pleasant Ridge (Cincinnati)

The Sears Houses of Pleasant Ridge (Cincinnati)

Oh Cincinnati, I haven’t forgotten you.  In fact, no serious Sears House researcher would ever forget about Cincinnati.  Why?  Because it’s the home to the most Sears Houses ever built.  That have been located so far, that is. I’ve been on numerous day trips to Cincinnati to get pictures of some of the houses that […]

Sears Houses in Hamilton (the city, not the county)

Sears Houses in Hamilton (the city, not the county)

I’ve been doing loads of mortgage record research over the past several months, most of it in the Cincinnati area.  But last fall, I did make a trip to the Butler Co. Record Center, and found quite a few mortgages for building materials or house kits from Sears Roebuck. These mortgages were recorded between 1921 […]

Heritage Point Dr. in Kettering

Tucked away on a quiet little street in Kettering are some of the most beautiful older homes in that area.  In my opinion, at least.  A peaceful, tree lined street, lovely landscaping, and varying styles of architecture, all in just a block or so on Heritage Point Dr. I was on that street a year […]

Laraine Shape and Beatrice Lask

I can’t believe it’s been almost a year since I last met up with my friend Laraine Shape for a day trip to Milford, just outside Cincinnati.  A year.  It seems like yesterday, and it seems like forever ago. Laraine and I connected through social media.  Yeah.  You know.  Facebook.  That big crazy, wonderful, horrible, time […]

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