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The Sears Houses of Pleasant Ridge (Cincinnati)

The Sears Houses of Pleasant Ridge (Cincinnati)

Oh Cincinnati, I haven’t forgotten you.  In fact, no serious Sears House researcher would ever forget about Cincinnati.  Why?  Because it’s the home to the most Sears Houses ever built.  That have been located so far, that is. I’ve been on numerous day trips to Cincinnati to get pictures of some of the houses that […]

An update on “The List”

If you know me, you know I’ve been at this Sears House hunting for a while now.  Several years.  And like I’ve mentioned before in this blog, I’ve made some valuable connections, and some not so valuable, mostly through Facebook. Recently, one of my most valuable connections, Andrew Mutch, did a blog post about the […]

The Most Popular Sears Model in Cincinnati

Sears offered 447 different models in their Modern Homes catalogs, according to information found on the Sears Archives website.  http://www.searsarchives.com/homes/index.htm Currently, there are 495 Sears Houses in Cincinnati listed on the National Database of Sears Houses, comprising of 95 of those 447 Sears models.  But which one was the most popular? The Rodessa (No. 7041) Coming in […]